What if the mother lives in one state from the father and refuses to let him see the child and he has other persons calling him and telling him she is mentally unfit to raise the child?

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If you don't have joint custody then the only thing you can do is call Child Aid (or Child Welfare) and report this giving the names of the people telling you how unfit your wife is to raise this child. EVERY report of a child that is unsafe in any situation of their environment is investigated. No names will be given to your wife (confidential.) When you phone Child Welfare please keep notes!!! This is very important. Put down dates you called them, who you talked too (get their name) and what the conversation was about. If you don't find Child Welfare is cooperating with you enough and leaving you without answers then you should go to the State your wife is in and see them face to face. I don't know who these people are giving you this information, but be careful. Your wife could be perfectly fit as a mother and others have their opinions of what an unfit mother is. Nonetheless this needs to be investigated for the child's sake.
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What rights does a father have when he pays child support and the mother does not let him see the child?

Answer . Regardless of whether child support has been paid, the NCP has the right to visitation as it is designated in the custody agreement, even if the custodial parent

How can a father prove the mother unfit of the infant child?

That one is difficult..... It really depends on the state you live in. My best advise to you is to document everything : dates, times, places, of any type of neglect or abuse!

What is the law if the mother will not let the father see the child?

If he has partial or shared custody, or if he has been granted visitation rights, she is breaking the law. He should consult his lawyer and have the suit pressed in court. If

What do you do if father will not let you see your child?

Answer Visit your local family court and ask to speak with an advocate. The father has no legal right to keep the children from you unless you have been deemed unfit. Unwed m
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If the child wants to live with his father can the mother refuse and put that child with someone other than the parent?

Only Indiana and Texas has laws setting out a specific age at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations.