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This is a strange tale, with a complex plot and cryptic clues that defy a simple explanation. Absalom was the son of David, and his only likely competitor as successor to the throne was Amnon, who had died at Absalom's hand after the rape of Tamar. So Absalom served David forty years, then decided to launch a coup against his father (2 Samuel 15:7), perhaps not quite an accurate claim as David's entire reign only lasted forty years and 7 months. Even if this was an exaggeration, why would the probable heir to the kingdom plan for so long and then launch a civil war when David was near the end of his reign and Absalom's inheritance would come soon anyway?

The narrative of 2 Samuel chapters 13-19 tells the story of David's love for Absalom. David was unwilling to fight Absalom, choosing instead to flee the city (2 Samuel 15:13-14). This was the great king who had never before backed away from a fight. Later, when a battle was unavoidable, David commanded his officers to 'deal gently' with Absalom (2 Samuel 18:5). When the messengers came to tell David of their victory over Absalom, his first concern was whether Absalom was safe.David mourned for Absalom much more than his firstborn son Amnon, who was killed by Absalom's men and at Absalom's command.

2 Samuel 14:27 reports Absalom as having three sons and one daughter, Tamar. In total contradiction, 2 Samuel 18:18 says that Absalom raised an obelisk in the king's dale, or valley of the kings, saying that he had no sons. If the Hebrew legend of Absalom is as old as the time of the United Kingdom, the obelisk in the king's dale points to its origins in other nations, since David was only the second king of Israel and there could not yet have been a 'valley of the kings' in the land. Based on chapter 13, a credible possibility is that the legend of Absalom is based, at least in part, on Egypt's Queen Hatshepsut, who ruled in her own right, wearing male clothing and a false beard.
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