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Colombia is a country that is located in northwest South America. It has a population of 47 million people and the capital is Bogota.

What is Colombia famous for?

Colombia is known for alot of famous things, like there flowers, fine leather goods, gold, wine, SOCCER PLAYERS, coffee, landscapes, and more!!!!

What is Colombia like?

Colombia is absolutely amazing. It is a country in South Americafull of culture. The people here are warm and energetic. Whenforeigners come, they tend to love it because of t

What is Colombia known for?

colombia is known for its emeralds and for the coffee there.the next time you go grocery shopping, buy colombian coffee.you won't regret it!

What is Colombia know for?

\nBeautiful places, Pacific and Atlantic sea, snowy mountains, every kind of weather, nice and friendly people, textiles, oil, coal, flowers and of course drug trade, guerrill

What is Colombia good for?

Really colombia is not bad as many people think so it have many tourism in cartagena there are good people and i advice you to visit it
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What is Colombia music?

Traditional music: Champeta, Chandé, Chalupa, Cumbia, Cumbión,Bullerengue, Fandango, Garabato, Grito e' Monte, Guacherna, Jalao,Lumbalú, Mapalé, Merecumbé, Mill