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Egypt of a country in the middle east.
Egypt is a country located in the Middle East , specifically in North Africa . it is considered to be a major power in North Africa . It has the pyramids which is one of the " Wonders of the World " .
Egypt is borded by the Mediterranean Sea to the norht , the Gaza strip and Israel to the Northeast , the Red Sea to the East , Sudan to the South , And Libya to the West .
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What is Egypt like?

It is a beautiful place, a modern city It has malls, clubs, INTERNET, computers tall buildings People who think it is a desert WRONG and I should know i am from EGYPT

What is Egypt famous for?

The Pharaohs who have ruled over, the rich history, and the hotdeserts. Egypt is famous for the pyramids and the Nile.

What is Egypt known for?

Off the top of my head: Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, Old Mosques, Ancient Coptic churches, the different arabic words that usually aren't used in other Arab countries, Arabic,

What is Egypt in Latin?

Proper nouns cannot be translated. For example, my name is Britain no matter where I go. My friend's name is Carlos no matter where he goes. Egypt is Egypt.
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What is Egypt know for?

Egypt is where Cannanites rested, and is also home to many gods, as well as a form of pictographs known as hieroglyphs.