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What is Factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products?

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What fuels are obtained from crude oil?

Many different fuels are obtained from refining crude oil, including liquified petroleum gas or LPG (propane/butane, used for cooking and heating), gasoline, naphtha (camp sto

How is crude oil separated?

fractional distillation.

How is the oil separated from crude oil?

Crude oil is separated in a separation column. Separation columns are used to heat the crude then the different hydrocarbons separate as the lighter ones float up and the dens

How do you extract fuel from crude oil?

An oil refinery receives crude oil, and subjects the oil to "cracking"- the temperature of the oil is raised, and it is exposed to a catalyst (known as a "cat cracker") differ

How do you separate oil from crude oil?

Crude oil IS oil so you don't separate oil from it. You do refinecrude oil, separateing parts of it that are used for a variety ofpurposes. This is usually done by fractional

How is crude oil separated at an oil refinary?

Crude Oil is separated at a oil refinery by fractional distilation chamber. The oil is boiled and vapourised, and moves along a tube into the bottom of the chamber, which is h

Is crude oil a fossil fuel?

Oils wells dig up fossil fuels. The fuel that they bring up is raw, unrefined, and full of gunk. It's known as crude oil. So yes, crude oil is a fossil fuel. Correct me if I'm

How do you separate petrol from crude oil?

  Petrol is obtained from crude oil by fractional distillation and subsequent mixing of some of the fractions to obtain the desired properties. There are seasonal differen

How do you separate crude oil?

You use fractional distillation. This involves a fractionating tower in which vaporised crude oil is fed into. It relies on the substances in crude oil having differnet boilin
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How are hydrocarbons separated from crude oil?

using fractional distillation. first crude oil is heated up until it turned to gas and the residue (bitumen) goes through the most bottom pipe to be used for tar macing roads.