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It is an island in the Atlantic ocean, and it is part of E.U. It is also a country, and 6 counties in it belong to the U.K.
Ireland is an island just to the west of Great Britain.
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What is Ireland well-known for?

Potatoes,shamrocks,Ronald Reagan ANSWER the Irish republican army(IRA)GUINNESS, roy keane,and a little known fact.we invented the first submarine First Submarine I believe

What is Ireland known for?

Potatoes are not an important crop in Ireland.. St Patrick's Day, as is now celebrated, is an American invention. March 17th has always been a solemn day of reflection and de

What is Ireland famous for?

Shamrocks, Leprechauns, the colour Green, Guinesss Beer, Irish dancing, the countryside, red hair, Gaelic football, hurling, horse racing, pubs, churches and Luck.

What is Ireland culture?

Well it depends on what aspect of the culture you are interested in. We have Irish-dancing, our own type of football called "Gaelic Football", we have another two sports, "Hur

What is Ireland surrounded by?

North Atlantic to the west, north and south. Southern part also known as the Celtic Sea. Irish sea to the east.

What is Ireland like?

Ireland is a place with lovely scenery, and everything you could ask for and if your lucky you might just get some sunshine! Most of the time it rains. Like you would get the
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For what is Ireland famous?

Ireland is known for many things. Included amongst these would be: Beautiful scenery, traditional Irish music, Guinness, Irish pubs, friendly people, great poets, great writ
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What is Ireland good at?

Ireland is good at many things, far too many to mention. For example, Ireland is one of the top horse racing and horse breeding nations in the world. It has very high quality