What is Luxembourg?

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Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that has borders with Germany, France, and Belgium. The capital of this country is Luxembourg City. The total area of this country is 2,586.4 square kilometers.

Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in northwest Europe, bordered byBelgium, Germany, and France. It lies South of Belgium, West ofGermany, and East of France. Luxembourg was c

What is Luxembourg famous for?

For British people over the age of about 45, Luxembourg is probablymost famous for it's former English language radio station whichbroadcast popular music in competition to th

What is Luxembourg culture like?

wow luxemburg is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. The culture compares with anything London or Paris without the criminal sections. There are museums and garde

What is Luxembourg like?

beautiful, hilly and very nice cultured people @ I live and was born here its an really nice country youre right very cosmopolitan, international most of the people here s

What is Luxembourg ham?

Luxembourg is a type German, French and Belgian cuisine. So the ham is a type of German, French and Belgian kind of ham. :) Hope it helps