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Poland is a country located in Europe It is bordered on all sides by Russia, Germany, Belarus, Solvakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, & Lithunania. It also borders the Baltic Sea. Warsaw is the capital.

Poland is a beautiful country! There is salt mines to visit which is very fun. Poland was affected by Hitler and was taken out in 2 weeks (EDIT: It's not true. Hitler planned Blitzkrieg, but Poles fought till 2nd of October. Moreover, they were attacked from East on 17th of September by Soviet Russia, so they had to protect themselves from both sides. Their allies (France and UK) did not help as they promised earlier that year)!

Poland is a country located in the European continent. Poland's capital is Warsaw, and the official language is Polish. It is bordered by Germany (to the West), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (to the South), Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania (to the East), and the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Oblast, which is a Russian enclave (to the North).

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What is Poland known for?

As a tourist, it's a lovely country. Largely destroyed in WWII most of it has been rebuilt. Krakow is a great place to visit, specially the old city and market square. For a v

What is Poland like?

Poland is a very nice, memory filled town. starting from the world war 2 it has some great shopping malls that are suituble for each age :) I LOVE POLAND

What is Poland famous for?

It is famous for;the best pope in the world was from Poland.His name was John Poul the second in polish Jan Paweł II .And also the statio of a mermied is in Krakó

What is Poland struggling with?

Poland is struggling with economical crisis, unemployment, budgetdeficit, demography (low birth rate), poverty and many otherproblems.