What is Singapore?

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Singapore is a safe country.Other country thicks Singapore is small and cant do anythings but we build up tall buildings as fast as could . Even Sentosa has opened new shops and places that we can play.
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What is Singapore known for?

Singapore is known for shopping and it's multiculturalism. Also for its banned chewing gum, its prices and wonderful tourist attractions! It has lots and lots of different types of food and festivities going on due to its multiculturalism and there are always lots of decorations and celebrations for

What is Singapore famous for?

American naval base . Bird Park . Changi Water Recycling Plant - world's largest . Diversity - multiracial, multiethnic, multinational . Esplanade - centre for the arts . Food - all kinds of food, all kinds of cuisine, at all kinds ofprices. I highly recommend seafood at East Coast beach . Gov

What is Singapore main religion?

There is no main religion per se, though the major religions in Singapore are Bhuddism, Islam, Christianity, taoism and Hinduism.

What is Singapore like?

Singapore is the best place for nightlife, dining, shopping and simply enjoying life. If you are planning to go there, bring shorts, t-shirts, and lots of sunblock. It doesn't hurt to also bring an umbrella.

What is Singapore food habits?

Singapore is a country which loves to eat. It has many different ways like . Malaysian Food . Chinese Food . Indian food . Nyonyon Food

What is Singapore position?

Singapore is a country that is positioned on the globe south of Cambodia and near Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore is located just north of the Equator.