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Spain is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula in the southwest of Europe. It neighbours Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra and France.
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What is Spain known for?

Spain is a country in Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for good food, good museums, historical sites, great tourism, great beaches, and

What is Spain siesta?

A Spain siesta is when shops, returants and other buildings close down for about an hour so evryone can take a nap.

What is Spain Santa?

Traditionally, celebrations of the birth of Jesus have focused more on the role of the Magi than on Santa Claus, in Spain. But Santa Claus is becoming more accepted. And he's

What is Spain popular dishes?

Some popular Spanish dishes are, Paella which is a rice based entree with fish shellfish chicken and/or pork,Gazpacho soup which is a tomato based soup served cold, tapas, thi

What is Spain proud of?

Their former Spanish Empire. Spain was the 1st true world power. It's colonial conquests and strong navy circumvented the globe. Evidence is seen as Spanish being one of the c
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What is Spain armada?

the spanish armada was a Spain's navy. the most powerful navy at that time period.
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What is Spain favourite sport?

From looking at Wikipedia I can see that the most favourite sport in Spain is soccer. Not surprising after the Euro 2008 Cup win and the World Cup win 2010. .