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Urban Migration is moving from city to another.

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How can you reduce rural-urban migration in Nigeria?

    This is a legitimate question, one often asked by political economists. When there is mass migration to the city, the migrants often find themselves faced with ext

What is the impact of intra urban migration?

receiving area: 1.pollution. 2. global warming. 3.deforestation due to demand for housing. 4.rapid urbanization. 5.shanty town. 6.traffic congestion. 7.medical fac

What does intra urban migration mean?

Intra-urban migration means/is movement within an urban area. Urban meaning cities, towns, etc. This is the most common migration. For example, people moving from a house in a

What is the definition of rural urban migration?

In poorer countries, many people from the country side move to the cities. This is called rural urban migration. Reasonsfor better educationjob opportunitieshealth facilitiesb

What is rural to urban migration?

is the migration in which people are moving from rural areas to urban areas,which can be temporary or permanent migration

What are the causes of rural urban migration in Ghana?

There are several causes of rural urban migration in Ghana (West  Africa). Some of those causes are due to socio-cultural issues,  changes in government policy, the economy

What is urban to rural migration?

It's called counter-urban migration. It's where people move from a urban place (cities, built up areas, e.g London) to a rural place (countryside, other sparsely populated pla

What are the causes of urban rural migration?

Causes of rural urban migration Why Immigrate? 1. Plentiful and cheap land in the other areas 2. Jobs and opportunities 3. Religious freedom 4. Political freedom 5. famine

What are the effects of rural to urban migration?

As countries pursue development and industrialization drives, the need to build urban centres become certain. It is in this pursuance that leads to somewhat neglect of the no

What is Urban-rural migration and urban poverty?

Urban-rural migration simply refers to the movement of people from urban areas to rural areas. In recent times, rural to urban migration has become more common, as more people

Definition of rural-urban migration?

Rural urban migration refers to people leaving rural areas and  moving to more urban areas. This occurred after the Civil War, when  many African Americans left the south fo