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It's a small room that is divided into two parts by a wall. There will usually be a hole in the wall that a veil or a screen will cover up. This enables the priest to sit on one side of the screen and not see the person on the other side, but still hear them. This is for confession, where a Catholic will repent their sins to God and say a series of prayers while asking forgiveness. Through the power administered through him by God, the priest will absolve their sins and sometimes give them advice as to how they can over come their faults.
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What do you say in confession?

sign of cross say how long its been since the last confession for example: "Father, my last confession was about 8 months ago" Then you say your sins. then you say tha

How often should you confess your sins if your a catholic?

Well, there is no how often, but you should go to confession whenever you feel that you have sinned a lot. I mean, if your will and faith is strong, you may have to only go on

How do you confess a crush?

There is no way to "beet around the bush" on this one. When confessing a crush you just have to be straight forward to that person. There is however a right time and place to

Does a Catholic have to confess to a priest before communion?

If a Catholic has committed a mortal sin, then he must confess this sin to a priest in the Sacrament of Confession before he can receive Communion. If he has committed only ve

How often do Catholics need to go to Confession?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe bare minimum is once a year - that is what is required by Church law, but that is sort of like saying that you absolutely must change your socks once

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How do you confess in confession?

You don't! You confess on your knees to a Holy God, your creator, the only one who is just and able to forgive you of your sins. Then, you repent, and ask his forgiveness in t

Why do the catholics make confession to a priest?

During Confession, the priest steps in for Christ. He does not take the place of Christ, but Christ works through the priest to forgive sins. The priest does not have the powe

Why did Justine confess in Frankenstein?

She'd rather face the conviction of a murderer, rather than being excommunicated by the church.

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How many times a year do Catholics go to confession?

According to paragraph 1457 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholics who are aware of serious sin must go to Confession at least once a year. Confession is also sugg

Who can go to Catholic confession?

All people must confess to the priest of God or any people that can be trusted. .    Catholic AnswerYou may only receive the sacrament of confession if you are a baptized

Does the Catholic Church charge a fee to hear confessions?

Another answer from our community:    No. The Sacrament of Confession, as with all of the Sacraments, in  the Catholic Church is freely administered.   . Catholic