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It's a small room that is divided into two parts by a wall. There will usually be a hole in the wall that a veil or a screen will cover up. This enables the priest to sit on one side of the screen and not see the person on the other side, but still hear them. This is for confession, where a Catholic will repent their sins to God and say a series of prayers while asking forgiveness. Through the power administered through him by God, the priest will absolve their sins and sometimes give them advice as to how they can over come their faults.
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Why do Catholics have confession?

In John 20:22, Christ breathes on His disciples and says 'receove the Holy Spirit and if you forgive people's sins, they are forgiven '. Again James 5:16...also tells us to co

Do you have to be a Catholic to confess your sins to a priest?

Catholic AnswerYes, Confession (Penance) is a sacrament, and the only sacrament you can receive if you are not a Catholic is Baptism. Every other sacrament requires that you b

Why to Catholics have to confess?

The short answer is because they are required to, the longer answer is that Confession is a sacrament set up by God so that our post-Baptismal sin can be forgiven. Everyone, s

How do you confess to a Catholic priest?

hi, ill tell you what im catholic and there is not art for going to confession. talk to the priest like hes ur best friend, tell him why u are there and confessing and that's

What are the four steps to Catholic confession?

The first step is contrition, that is saying sorry to the people you have sinned to and getting their apology...Feel sorry for your sins too... this has cleansed you 50 %  Th

Why do the catholics make confession to a priest?

During Confession, the priest steps in for Christ. He does not take the place of Christ, but Christ works through the priest to forgive sins. The priest does not have the powe

When and why was confession started in the Catholic church?

Roman Catholic AnswerConfession is one of the seven sacraments instituted by Our Blessed Lord, and is recorded in the New Testament. It has been around since the beginning of

Can a divorced Catholic go to confession?

Yes! they must confess because divorce is forbidden by God.   Catholic Answer You can only go to confession if you are seriously sorry for your sins, and you intend, befo

Who can go to Catholic confession?

All people must confess to the priest of God or any people that can be trusted. .    Catholic AnswerYou may only receive the sacrament of confession if you are a baptized

When was Confession established in the Catholic Church?

Confession to a priest goes back to our understanding of Jesus' words to the apostles in John 20:21-23: "Whose sins you shall forgiven they are forgiven them; whose sins yo

Can non-Catholics go to confession?

Yes, but only in very limited circumstances. If the non-Catholic is from a Church that has a valid priesthood, for instance, an Orthodox; they are in immediate danger of death

How was Confession started in the Catholic Church?

Confession was started by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, as one of the seven sacraments in which He would dispense grace on His faithful people. It is one of the sacraments

Why do Catholics have to confess their sins to a priest?

Catholics must confess their sins to a priest as this is the only normal way in which Our Blessed Savior left for people to have their sins forgiven. Less serious sins (venial