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it's just like a normal school the difference is that kind of school has the subjects christian living/good manners and right conduct and values education. Sometimes it holds a prayer gathering where students pray and worship God together.
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What is the difference of a Catholic school from a Christian school?

The Catholic Church IS the Christian Church founded by Christ Himself with St. Peter being the first Pope. A Catholic school is the definition of the Christian school. .  

Why would Jews not like Christians?

Jewish View   Typically, Jews do not like those who would wish them ill. For many  centuries, Christians through the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant,  and Eastern Churche

Is it wrong to be a Christian and hermit-like?

no not at all, john the Baptist was a hermit, but it makes it kinda hard depending on your personality. Live your life how you want so long as you follow God.

Why teach at Christian school?

because you need a job because you are a christian and therefore prefer a christian school to a public school

How do you get a married christian woman to like you?

Stop trying to seduce married women. I agree with above. You need to define "like". If you mean that her affection would be given to you instead of her husband, that is ag

Christian cheers for cheerleading for your school?

Hey Jesus Hey... Walk this way... Talk this way.... Like 1,2,3,4, come on Jesus on the floor, 5,6,7,8, Christianity is so great, 9,10, and 11, if you're good you'll go to heav

What do Christian Girls like in a Christian guy?

  Depends on what type of Christian girl. If it's the type of Christian girl who has just been brought up Christian, but deep down inside of her, she is a little devil,

Is a Catholic school a Christian school?

Technically, yes. But some people believe that Roman Catholicism  and Christianity are not the same.   Catholic Answer   Yes, of course a Catholic school is a Christi

What is hell like according to Christians?

Hell was the third most frequent topic Jesus taught about (in 172  verses) however the bible does not say exactly what hell is like.   In the New Testament Hades/Hell is