What is a diode?

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It is a semiconductor device with two terminals, typically allowing the flow of current in one direction only. It may also be termed as the electronic component with two electrodes known as the anode and the cathode. Most diodes are made with semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium, or selenium. The diode acts as a valve in the electronic and electrical circuit.
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What is a diode and how does it work?

Diode is a two terminal device ( di- means "two"). Simply put, it acts as a one-way valve for electrons. Conventional current can flow from the anode to the cathode, but not

What does a Diode do?

A diode is a semiconductor meaning it will conduct from anode to cathode if the anode is held positive. Reversing the polarity Will in effect block current flow.

What is a diode modulator?

A diode modulator is a type of AM modulator constructed usingdiodes. One type of diode modulator is the ring modulator shown inthe image.

What is a diode used for?

Answer . A diode is used to control current flow in a circuit A diode has a very high resistance to current flow in one direction and a very low resistance to current fl

What are diodes?

Diode is a two terminal semicon. Diode is a Switching device

What is a diode fuse?

my understanding of the term diode fuse is a diode that fits into a circuit the same as a fuse does for ease of replacement the ones i have used are the same shape as a two pr

Compare diode and zener diode?

Diode is a pn junction device which conducts (current flow)in forward direction. Zener diode is a device in which current flows in forward direction as well as in reverse di

Why diode is called diode?

diode:= di+ iode di means two,and iode means terminal,,,, diode is two terminal device i.e anode and cathode

What is a diode and define some applications of diodes?

A diode is a semiconductor device that passes current in one direction only. Sometimes, in the case of zener diodes, it conducts in both directions, but at a different voltage

What is a diode check setting used for on a dvom?

The Diode Check setting on a DVOM is a special ohms setting that presents enough voltage to the tested device to conduct, if it were a diode. Old style VOM's did not have this
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What is a diode used for in physics?

Diodes are electronic components with a variety of applications, depending on their concrete design and principle. A free-wheeling diode, for example, is used to allow current