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The correct term for referring to a group of cats is 'clowder.' Interestingly, there are also two other valid ways to refer to a group of cats, other than just saying "group of cats" or "cats." Those other two terms are 'clutter' and 'glaring.'
In addition to this, if one wants to refer to a group of wild cats, the correct terms are 'dowt' and 'destruction.' A male cat, when neutered, is called a "gib," when not, is called a "tom." Female cats are known as "molly."
The word "cat" itself derives from the Old English "catt." Catt has its source in the Late Latin "catus," meaning: "domestic cat." This Late Latin word probably derives from an Afro-Asiatic word: "kaddîska," meaning "wild cat."
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What is a group of young cats called?

  Group of Young Cats   A group of kittens is called a kindle or litter (group of young cats born to one female).

What do you call a group of cats?

Answer . Most cats live solitary lives with the exception of lions. In this case it would be called a pack.. A group of lions is called a pride.

What can you call your cat as a warrior cat?

You can name your cat any warrior name, but there are(so called rules)i mean not RULES, but rules...when naming your cat as like of the cats in Warriors... 1. You have to fi

Why is a group of cats called a chowder?

A group of cats is actually called a clowder, not a chowder. I don't know why though, I guess someone just made it up.

What do you call a big group of cats?

In big cats like Lions, it is called a Pride, In domestic cats, it is called a Colony, I have taken care of feral and semi feral cats that numbered 24 and were all part of a C