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A map key is a list of words or phrases or colors -- usually within a box in the corner of the map -- that usually explains the symbols that that are found on the map itself. Also referred to as a "legend."
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What is the key on a map?

The key on a map is what shows you what the psychical features or images on the map mean

What is map key?

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What is a key on a map?

Answer . A map key is a box on the map that has translation of the icons on the map (city population, state highway & interstate highway icons) map scale, & inches to the

What is a key in a map?

A key explains the symbols on the map and tell you what they represent, such as YHA meaning a Youth Hostel, PH meaning a Public House or a + representing a chapel.

What is on a map key?

A map key will have the meaning of the different symbols that arefound on a map. So if there are tree symbols on the map the key mayexplain that these symbols mean there is a

What is the key to a map?

The key is the map's legend. It indicates what the various map elements and symbols represent.

What is the map key?

A map key is made up of symbols used to make a map easier to read

What a map key is?

A map key is found on a map. It tells what certain symbols on the map mean. For example, the "star" on most maps means state/country capitals. It is in a small box.