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What is a pinus?

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Pinus is the genus name of a type of coniferous evergreen tree, commonly known as pine trees. There are around 115 different species in this genus. Here are some of the them:
  • Pinus palustris - the longleaf pine
  • Pinus taeda - the Loblolly pine
  • Pinus virginiana - the Virginia pine
  • Pinus glabra - the spruce pine
  • Pinus contorta - the Lodgepole pine
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How can you identify or tell the differences among eastern white pine Pinus strobus red pine P resinosa and their hybirds?

  (Answering my own question, after considerable research.)   According to authoritative sources, red pine (Pinus resinosa) never has more than two needles per fascicle (MORE)

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