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What is a pinus?

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Pinus is the genus name of a type of coniferous evergreen tree, commonly known as pine trees. There are around 115 different species in this genus. Here are some of the them:
  • Pinus palustris - the longleaf pine
  • Pinus taeda - the Loblolly pine
  • Pinus virginiana - the Virginia pine
  • Pinus glabra - the spruce pine
  • Pinus contorta - the Lodgepole pine
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What are the similarities and differences between cycas and pinus?

in cycas the stems are unbranched while in pinus the stems are branched. * in pinus male or female cones or strobili may be borne on the same tree while in cycas they are on

Describe the structure of pinus?

Pinus is the scientific name for the genus of pine trees. The  structure of pine trees is long rigid needles.
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