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A pullet is a young chicken, more specifically a hen (female) at least 20-weeks-old which has begun to lay eggs but has not yet moulted.
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What is a chicken pullets?

A female chicken under the age of one year.   ok this is what i figured chick(baby) pullet(teenager) hen&rooster(adult)

What is pullet?

A female chicken under a year old. Male chickens under a year old are called cockerels.

What do you feed pullets?

You would feed pullets a type of laying hen feed or a specific name layena it is a a (a purina product) If u have baby chicks u would feed them chick starter I would prefer u

What is bread and pullet?

Literally, it means bread and chicken. However, it's usually said  as a pun 'bread and pull it' implying that you will get only bread,  and the only way to make it seem like

Do pullets lay eggs?

Pullets are young hens that are not yet old enough to lay eggs, so no, but they will eventually.

Do pullet chickens lay eggs?

Yes. Chickens are called pullets until they are one year old - and they start laying eggs at 6-8 months of age.

Is a pullet female?

Pullet is from French poulet (male) poulette (female) meaning small chicken. Therefore it should be male. But in English it won't matter, anything goes. It's after all just a