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The question above is an example of a question, which is usually a request for information, and is marked by a question mark.
The official definition for the word question is "a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information."
A question is an unanswered thought that you wish to receive an answer to.
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Is there an answer to this question?

HAMBURGERS. with a pickle on the side. Why not? Answer: yes. the answer is yes. The answer is anything we like to put here, even the text where im saying, the answer to this question is is everything we like to put here, even... Another Answer: No. Not at all, never. This question cannot be answered. This is not even an answer you're reading. It is only...a friendly suggestion. But it is not at all an answer. Ignore the text directly above this paragraph, which for some unknown reason suggests that this is an answer to a question that cannot truly be answered. Another Answer: 42. And Yet Another Answer As far as you know... And Another Answer: Sure there is..... Um noooooo this answer can't be answered because i am eating once i finish it can be answered but not yet because nobody answers this question till i finish got it? Yes, because you have an answer.

Where do you get the answer to your question?

Answer . All of the questions are answered by other users like you and me. That is where the answers come from. If a question is answered, the answer will appear under the question headline.

Why do you answer questions?

We answer questions so people can understand what they are asking us and they don't walk around wondering the answer to something and someone tells them and it maybe wrong so they come to this website and get all of the answers that they need. . Because we want to help you get through the day . :)

Is the answer to this question no?

Saying no would imply that the answer is yes, and so that would imply the answer is no. And that would go on forever. It is like saying "this sentence is false." by stating the sentence you are saying it is true.

How do you answer the question how are you?

How are you is a common way to greet a person. The typical answeris fine, and you? Or, just say how you feel at that moment! But if you don't feellike you want to say how you really feel, just make a convincinghappy face, say "Fine", and hope that the person believes you.

What are questions?

Questions are communications that solicit information, clarification, or opinions about a certain subject. Not all questions require an answer, and not all questions have a relevant answer.

Why do you not answer your question?

I personally try my best to answer any questions that I am knowledgeable about or feel I can adequately research. I do not answer questions that I would not be able to provide truthful, useful information to. Most reliable users on this site probably do the same. If there is a question you have asked that has not yet received an answer it may be because no-one browsing at the moment feels capable of answering it, it may simply not have been noticed yet. The probability is that someone will answer it eventually.

Can you answer questions?

Sensible questions get sensible answers . Stupid questions get stupid answers The answer to your question is .. 17 Fish

Why do you answer these questions?

I don't I just ask questions. People who answer them are either really bored or have no life. Well that's my opinion. But thank the people who have answered all my questions!

Why do you answer my questions?

Because when you sign up for this account you are responsible foranswering other peoples questions and asking some of our own.Basically we're just trying to help you.

Is why a question?

Sort of. But for others to understand what you're trying to ask, you need to have them know what you're talking about. In a conversation, most situations "why" would be a question, but on the internet, on WA, when posting a question, you DO NOT want "why?" to be your question. I don't think it really allows you to, anyways, though.

How can you answer questions?

Unanswered questions may be answered by any user. Answered questions may only be edited by registered users. Reversions may only be done by supervisors. When answering, please provide a brief and concise answer before elaborating. Opinions and comments may be placed on the Discussion page for each answer. Problems with disputed or subjective answers, vulgarity, or nonsense should be referred to a supervisor.

When do you get answer for your question?

You first ask a question and then check back. It won't be long before your answer is there, if you are lucky!

How do you do the questions?

Do you mean mean how do you submit questions here is the answer. In the space above where you type questions you write a question if it is not answered you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and there will be a section asking if you woudl liek to submit this answer. Then you can follow the rules and make your own question. I do not know why I had to answer this or why you even submitted this because if you did not know how to submit a questions how woudl you have submitted this question? . -Eugenie de Silva

What is the answer for this question?

Purple Unicorns. _______________ You are experiencing delight in how easily human logic can be confounded. Wait until you discover that some of you most cherished beliefs are just as illogical as your question! Then life will really start getting interesting.

Can you answer a how question with a who?

no because who is a start of a question . who, what where , when and how are old how to start a question if you want any more information contact me @ chloefitzgearld@gmail.com or my phone number is 0851070973

How can you answer a question?

Simply click on the 'Answer It' button. Enter the answer you wantto give - and click on the orange 'Submit' button.

Why do you question?

Why not? Question everything. Questioning is not evil; far from it. It is part of what makes us fully human.

What is a question that does not have an answer?

It is a unanswered question. A question waiting to be answered. Also Some questions that don't have a answer are impossible to ever be answered.

What do you do to answer a question?

On the botom of enter a question there is unanswered questions click on it and there it is.

Who are you to answer questions?

a generous person! what else could it be! that one was easy! even for a frenchman

How can you answer to a question?

Frogs. the answer to my question, "ile aux juifs" (island of the Jews in Paris) in 52 BC Julius ceasare approched the Seine river, he found 5 islands. so he decided to call the island which was at west side by the name of "ile aux juifs" for certain reason. I can occasionaly give you the other names too. thank you urinae@gmail.com

What are questions'?

questions are parts of information not filled yet. they always have an answer whether it is an opinion or fact. for example this is an answer to a questioon.

How can you get an answer to a question?

There are many ways to find an answer to a question. But I have listed 3 possible solutions. #1(Probably the most common way):Search it up on the Internet #2: Read books related to the question. #3: Ask the people around you or the teacher for the answer Note that #2 is the best way to go as is you do #1 there is a chance that there will be false information as anyone could change the information on the page. As for #3 the teacher can't be at your side 24/7 but it is good to ask questions because we are here to learn

How do you get a answer for your question?

You post it, and hope someone knows the answer and will answer it for you.

Why do they answer questions?

People answer questions on WikiAnswers because we are committed to make this site better and better by answering questions and improving questions.

How do you get the answer to your question?

There is no guarantee that you will get an answer to your question. But, you can do a few things as below to improve the chances of you getting an answer: . Ask a clear question and provide all possible information that might be required to answer it . Place the question in the correct category . Most answerers visit categories and answer questions placed in them. If a question is in their area of knowledge they would answer it. If a question that they can answer is placed in a different category it becomes hard to find and the chances of it being answered is slim.

How do you answer the question how do you do?

Well, if you're good, you say good. If, your bad, say bad. And if your stupid, say stupid.

How do you answer questions on this?

you go to answer under ask and type in question and then click on one to answer it i am 11 and i know this.

What questions can you answer?

If I have time and care to, I can answer anything for which I posses knowledge of or can research. The rest I can only guess at.

Why do you answer are questions?

We want to be known as the intelligent ones and would like people to be as intelligent as we are.

Why are you questioned?

Ok, this is your answer: You are questioned, so that others can get answers, so that others can learn, so that you can be a person someone admires because of their large brain, you question other people to get answers, to learn, to find a person to say is your "Hero", to thrive. This is only a temporary account, although by all means, I do love helping people.

How do you get to the questions?

You click on the large White Answer tab at the top under Ask and it will give you questions. You merely click on the question and then ANSWER IT to answer it.

How do you answer a question?

For questions on Answers.com , see the related question below.. A question is answered by providing information, possibly qualifying how the information relates to specific aspects of the question. A question may be answered correctly or incorrectly, and specifically or generally.

How can your answer my questions?

there is a slight possibility that i may or may not be able to answer your question! does that help?

What you do to answer questions?

You click on the question , then write out the answer.do a spell check. don't plagiarize the answers of others. Sometime this means rewording the info you found on a subject and press the save button just above this box. Then follow the prompts.

How do you get an answer for your questions?

Step 1. Ask your question on WikiAnswers. Post it to the correct category. Step 2. Wait for someone to answer it.

What questions can you not answer no to?

You can answer 'no' to any question but not accurately to the question : "What is a synonym for affirmative".

Is there an answer for this question?

Actually, this is one of the most valid questions on WikiAnswers. Incidentally, it is similar to a question I asked eighth graders twice a year to encourage them to write. For all intents and purposes, it is a blank check. This question could be answered with anything. One could talk about Shakespearean literature, or quantum physics. There are no limits. Short story then, yes, there are endless answers to this question.

How will you answer this question?

I am well informed on many issues. I will answer this question by stating that evolution is a process by which creatures that survive, thrive and procreate will evolve by virtue of survival of the fittest.

Why do you not answer my question?

Some peoples questions are weird and/or embarrassing to even talk about. And sometimes your questions are so obscure that it will have to come across the right person to be answered correctly, and who knows how long that's gonna take.

Why you did not answer my question?

This is a volunteer site, we don't have to do anything. It may be that your question hasn't been spotted yet, or hasn't been spotted by anyone with the skills needed to answer it. Or it may be one of those half-baked questions which can't be answered on account of being too vagues.

When will you get your answer to your question?

There are MANY questions on this website, sometimes it takes some time before someone's question is answered.

Why does the answer not answer my question?

If a contributor feels their question hasn't been answered accordingly, he or she can flag their question for improvement.

Where do you answer questions?

Click on the question, it will open a new window, then click on "Answer question".

Can a question be an answer?

Yes, a question can be an answer. If someone asks if you are going to go to their birthday party, you could answer by saying when which is a question.

When and how do you answer questions?

Please go to the Help center in the list at the left and click on'How to contribute'.

Why do you answer question?

to help people on what they need to know because they will keepasking them if they dont get the right answer

Answer questions How do I do it?

The best way to answer questions is to research the question. Afteryou learn the information you can give an accurate answer.

How do answer a question?

Click on the question itself and a page will appear with thequestion in large print and below it an area in which to type outand edit your answer. When you're finished, hit the orange "Submit"button below the text entry area.