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What is a republica de Guatemala 1991 worth if anything?

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Yes, the coins are worth something. Many of the coins are valued in price close to $3 each depending upon their condition.
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Capital de Guatemala?

the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala city.

What is the capital of la ciudad de Guatemala?

"La Ciudad de Guatemala" IS the capital of Guatemala. In English it is called "Guatemala City."

What is a coin 1864 republica peruana dos centavos worth?

The Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1801-1900, 5th Ed. calls that type KM# 188.1. Peru minted a million of them in 1863 and 1864 from a copper-nickel alloy. In a reall

I have a Republica portugesa 1912 coin worth 50 centavos. How much would it be worth?

Your coin, a 50 Centavo coin from Portugal dated 1912, weighs 12.5 grams and is 83.5% silver - it thus has an ASW ("Actual Silver Weight") of 0.3356 troy ounces and a "melt va

How much is a canada dollar coin 1991 worth anything?

It is worth 1.00 CAN. 23,156,000 were minted in that year, so unless it has a minting error it is only worth one dollar Canadian.

Are De Dion paintings worth anything?

DeDion is a 60's artist. The european artists work seems to be popular in America and can sell for 250-500 dollars depending on subject.the painting i have is of 2 boats wih r

How much is 1894 coins un peso republica de Guatemala?

Hello,    I have a rare looking coing marked 1894 un peco Republica Guatemala  with all these silver indian looking heads and and parots attached,  perhaps a ritual l