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A safety precaution is any action taken before an activity to prevent danger or risk during the activity.

An example would be to keep a work area clean at all times to avoid accidents or to wear protective gloves and glasses when working with hazardous chemicals.
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Safety precautions when handling alum?

You should wear gloves, covering on your body and wear at least athin face mask when handling aluminum. The powder can be highlyflammable so take care not to have it around an

What are the safety precautions used in electrical safety?

Safety precautions when working with electricity: . Turn off the power and discharge an residual charge before doing anything . Be sure you are the only one who can turn the

What are some safety precautions for actinium?

Read this old study: Langham, W. (1952): "Toxicology of Actinium Equilibrium Mixture", Los Alamos Scientific Lab.: Technical Report, http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Digital_ob

What are safety precautions necessary as a radiographer?

The obvious hazard is to control your exposure to radiation- use the shields, use protective vests, etc, and to monitor your exposure to radiation (wear your film badge)- HOWE

What are the different safety precautions?

Safety precautions are numerous and varied. Different ones apply depending on what you are doing, where you are doing it, and how much material you are using or moving. The li

What are the kitchen safety precaution?

As we knows that many precautions or point should be look after in this matter but special precautions must be taken in the kitchen and the most significant thing is understan
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What are the safety precaution in laboratory room?

The appropriate safety precautions for use in a laboratory depend on the nature of the laboratory and what is being done there at any particular time. If you are in an instru