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In classical music arabesque is music thought to sound like Arabian music.
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An arabesque is a dance position in which a dancer stands on one leg with the other raised backwards and the arms outstretched.
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It actually means this. An ornamental design, arabian.
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What is an arabesque design?

An Arabesque design is a painted or inlaid design of repeating,sometimes interlocking curlicue patterns. Sometimes the linesresemble abstractly represented stems and leaves.

What is arabesque?

It means Arab-like. It's usually used to refer to a type of architecture which is influenced by Arab design. It also refers to a ballet move.

How can I do a perfect arabesque?

arabesque isn't all that easy. but here is the form to a perfect arabesque. have you bottom standing leg turned outpoint your toe!make sure BOTH legs are straightmake sure it

What is arabesque in gymnastics?

Basically the same as in ballet when you're standing on one leg with one leg extended behind in a 90 degree angle. Try not to lean fowards for a good arabesque.

Where can you purchase Denby Arabesque products?

Denby Arabesque is tableware and pottery that was made in England, and includes plates, dishes, and bowls. One can purchase these beautiful items at the online site "Denbyusa

When was 1st arabesque written?

As with "Who was the first . . ." anything it is alway difficult to  know and it leads to all kinds of disputes over the meaning of the  question. Robert Schumann wrote his