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In classical music arabesque is music thought to sound like Arabian music.
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An arabesque is a dance position in which a dancer stands on one leg with the other raised backwards and the arms outstretched.
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It actually means this. An ornamental design, arabian.
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Which of Edgar Allan Poe tales are grotesques and which of them are arabesques?

It might not be possible to tell which tales are grotesque and which are arabesque, since it seems that even Poe himself did not see them that way, in other words as being one

What does the word Arabesque mean?

The French word is the same as the English word, 'arabesque'. It means adorned in the Arabic fashion, using motifs based on flowers, foliage, geometric patterns, text, etc.

What is an arabesque design?

An Arabesque design is a painted or inlaid design of repeating,sometimes interlocking curlicue patterns. Sometimes the linesresemble abstractly represented stems and leaves.

What does the term arabesque refer to?

The term, arabesque has two literal meanings. The first  being, a position in which a dancer has one leg raised behind  and arms outstretched. The other, being more closely