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A definite article is the word "the" An indefinite article is the word "a" or "an"
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Examples of article in a sentence?

  here are some examples of articles:   my father built a home for us. INDEFINITE im not sure, ok   the children gave their full support. DEFINITE im not sure, o

How can you use article in a sentence?

Here are three sentences including the word 'article': "Nina wrote an article for the newspaper about growing flowers." "I read your article in the magazine about trees." "No

What is the first sentence in a news article?

The first sentence in a news article is the summary sentence, sometimes called the "lead," which is comparable to a topic sentence. It tells what the article will be about in
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Can you have examples sentence of A article?

A peach is round and fuzzy. She rented a unit in the new housing development. The article "a" comes before singular words that begin with a consonant sound. Notice that unit b

What is an article in sentences?

"A," "An," and "The" are the three articles that can be used in a sentence. "A" and "An" are indefinite articles, because they aren't describing someone or something specific