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What is an article in a sentence?

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What is an article in a sentence?
A definite article is the word "the" An indefinite article is the word "a" or "an"
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Is the an article?

yes it is

What is an article?

An article is a certain section of a written document. In grammar, it can be one of the following words: a, an, the.
What is the first sentence in a news article?

What is the first sentence in a news article?

The first sentence in a news article is the summary sentence, sometimes called the "lead," which is comparable to a topic sentence. It tells what the article will be about in

What is the Articles in the sentence?

  The parts of speech known as "articles" are the, a, and an. For some grammarians, these three words are also adjectives.

Examples of article in a sentence?

  here are some examples of articles:   my father built a home for us. INDEFINITE im not sure, ok   the children gave their full support. DEFINITE im not sure, o

What is article?

The Articles of Confederation were written before the Constitution  was written, they contained very little that is still used today.  The constitution however is a more mod

What is the article about?

Its About Fighting Other People Who Had Joined The WWE. Sometimes They Fight Other People To Win Championships. They Get Championships Like "World Heavyweight Champion, Interc