What is an article in a sentence?

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A definite article is the word "the" An indefinite article is the word "a" or "an"
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What are Articles of Association?

  Answer   The Articles of Association of a company its the rules and regulations governing the relationships between the shareholders and directors of the company

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What is a research article?

  A research article is a article about a certain subject. For example, you pick Kangaroo's. THen, you study them and collect information, then write it out in an article.… (MORE)

Where do you find the article?

you can find articles in gulf news it contains all types of news so go to google then type gulf news then press enter and choose the 1 one

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What is a definite article?

"The" is the definite article in English.Specifically, the word can be used to designate one or more than one object, person or thing. It is considered definite because it ide… (MORE)