What is an example of a sentence with the word check in?

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We asked the hotel what their check-in time was during weekends.
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Example sentence of the word fault?

He blamed me and said it was my fault. The reason why there are so many earthquakes in California is because the state lies on a fault.

What is an example sentence that has the word successful in it?

The young successful author had 3 of his books shortlisted in 2006. . One day, I would like to be a successful artist and travel the world, to show my art works. . All p
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What is an example of a sentence using the word example?

An example is a noun which means a demonstrative case. The word example can be used in the following possible sentences: . Eating fruit is an example of how I try to be hea
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What is a sentence using the word checking?

I am checking out at the grocery store. I was checking out of the hotel we stayed in. There is alot. Just think. Those are just a couple. -L16
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What a good sentence of the word checks?

You didn't say which meaning you want to use, so here are a coupleof examples. The checks were forged. When faced with a fence, thehorse always checks and won't jump it. The g