What is blood segmenter?

Neutrophils are the blood segmenters found in human blood.
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Are perch segmented?

Perch are segmented fish and forms a pattern that appears like a  zigzag. Perch are fish found in freshwater and have an oval body  shape.
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Are platyhelminthes segmented?

No.there are three kinds of worms:platyhelminthes- flatworms(not)nemahelminthes-roundworms(not)annelids-segmented worms( segmented)
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What is the definition of segmenters in the blood?

The definition of segmenters in the blood can be described as a  type of white blood cell that respond to bacterial infections.  Where the blood count has high levels of seg (MORE)
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Heart Help: Function and Description of the Aorta

Arteries are parts of the body that carry blood away from the heart. Of these, the aorta is the largest artery in the body. It is divided into five segments, and its main func (MORE)
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Purposes for a Coagulation Blood Test

Your doctor uses lab tests to diagnose illnesses and monitor your condition. One lab test your doctor sometimes orders is the coagulation blood test. A lab technician takes a (MORE)
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How Your Heart Works

The human heart is a complex organ that continually pumps blood through the entire body. The heart anatomy is made up of four main chambers and it is the most vital organ in t (MORE)

What is radial segment?

radial segment is the line which is determined by centre and a  point on the circle .
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What is segmenter?

Segmenter is the cell that aids when there is a bacterial infection  in the body. If it increases the person has a bacterial infection  while if it decreases the person has (MORE)

Effectiveness of Using Garlic to Treat Hypertension

Hypertension is high blood pressure, and many people suffer from it. Garlic and hypertension are connected because garlic helps to lower blood pressure. However, the studies o (MORE)
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Names and Functions of the Heart's Valves

A healthy heart has four blood flow chambers, two on each side. The upper chambers, or atria, act as receiving chambers for blood returning to the heart. The lower chambers, c (MORE)