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What is blood segmenter?

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What is blood segmenter?
Neutrophils are the blood segmenters found in human blood.
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What is segmenter?

Segmenter is the cell that aids when there is a bacterial infection  in the body. If it increases the person has a bacterial infection  while if it decreases the person has

What is the definition of segmenters in the blood?

The definition of segmenters in the blood can be described as a  type of white blood cell that respond to bacterial infections.  Where the blood count has high levels of seg

Is a flatworm segmented or non segmented?

No, flatworms are not considered segmented. The only segmented invertebrates are arthropods (ex: scorpion) and annelids (ex: earthworm).

What are segments?

Segmentation in biology refers to the division of some metazoan bodies and plant body plans into a series of semi-repetitive segments, and the question of the benefits and cos

What is the reason why segmenters in blood are high?

Segmenters (often just segs) are one of the types of neutrophils found in the blood. They would be elevated if the overall white count is up, usually due to some kind of infec

What is segment?

In marketing terms a segment would be a particular group containing similar demographic, geographic, or psychographic traits.   Ans:   In computing, this term is used in

What is segmentation?

Answer   Segmentation is the rhythmic local constriction of the intestine. Segmentation mixes food with digestive juices and increases the efficiency of absorption by rep