What is blood segmenter?

What is blood segmenter?
Neutrophils are the blood segmenters found in human blood.
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Which phyla have segmented bodies and a close blood system?

phulum Annelida and phylum Arthropoda have segmented bodies and only phylum Annelida has closed circulatory system while Arthropodes have open circulatory system
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What is segmentation in 8086?

The 8086/8088 is a 16 bit processor running on a 16 bit (8086) or 8 bit (8088) bus with a 20 bit address bus. In order to obtain the extra 4 bits of addressibility, Intel desi (MORE)
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Are platyhelminthes segmented?

No. there are three kinds of worms: platyhelminthes- flatworms(not) nemahelminthes-roundworms(not) annelids-segmented worms( segmented)

What is the definition of segmenters in the blood?

The definition of segmenters in the blood can be described as a  type of white blood cell that respond to bacterial infections.  Where the blood count has high levels of seg (MORE)

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What is segmenter?

Segmenter is the cell that aids when there is a bacterial infection  in the body. If it increases the person has a bacterial infection  while if it decreases the person has (MORE)