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A clone is an organism that is genetically identical to the organism from which it was produced! :)
P.S. - Cloning is like creating twin. The created twin will be far younger than the organism from which it was produced. Anyway, it needs surrogate mother womb. In a way cloning is done to 'reverse time elapsed'.

Cloning isn't just a genetic identical organism, You may take a cell from a jellyfish and place in cats, rabbit or mice and the animal glows in the dark once charged with UV light. The animals genetic structure is still the same just with another cell producing another hormone. Hope this Helps :) Good luck :)

Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two!

When you clone something you make a genetically identical copy of it.
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What is cloning about?

It's about science.. It's about getting DNA from a living thing and then using it to make replicates, thus making "copies" of the original living thing from which the DNA ha

What animals are cloned?

sheep are the only animals to be succesfully cloned so far Not  true..........This is true List of animals that have been cloned   1 Carp  2 Cats  3 Cattle  4 Deer  5

What is cloning and genetic engineering?

Cloning and genetic engineering are similar. Genetic engineering is when we choose a specific gene that we are interested in and cloning is when exact genetic copies are produ

What is clone?

A clone is an exact genetic copy of a plant or animal. Some clones are real "buds." Clones can be found naturally in nature in single-cell organisms that reproduce asexually

What is a clone?

A clone is an exact genetic copy of a living being, like twins in a family, two of the same burgers and star wars the clone wars. Dolly was the first genetically cloned animal

Cloning are there any human clones?

You have asked if there are any human clones. Technically there are no human clones because it is illegal to do so. Human cloning is illegal because people might use them for

Can clones reproduce?

  Theoretically yes as a clone is an exact copy of the lifeform which was used to create it. As long as the original was able to reproduce then so too should the clone. In

What are clones?

1.New cell or organism that is an exact copy of the parent cell or organism. 2.The new cells formed from mitosis are clones, exact replicas of the parent cell. CLONING:Pr

How do you clone?

1   Eggs are coaxed to mature in a culture dish. Each has a remnant egg cell called the polar body and cumulus cells from the ovary clinging to it.   2   While an e

Why is cloning expensive?

The only time anything was ever cloned was when a sheep named Dolly  was cloned. They took two sheep that looked similar and breed them.  Then they took DNA from the female

What is cloning and DNA fingerprinting?

In biological terms, cloning is the process by which genetically  identical individuals are created. DNA fingerprinting, or DNA  typing, is a test to identify a person's gen
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Why not to clone?

why not clone? when you clone all your doing is leaving the "chance" out. Really all cloning is. breeding without male, femaleinteraction. the interaction is now scientist for