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What is domain in ERD in DBMS?

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Domain is the range of values that an attribute can possess.
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What is the dbm?

dBm is decibel power unit referenced to 1 milliwatt. Look at the related links for conversion: voltage to dBm, dBu, and dBV.

What is a DBMS?

DataBase Management System (DBMS) is a software package that allows data to be effectively stored, retrieved and manipulated and the data stored in a DBMS packege can be ac

What is ERD?

ERD stands for Entity Relationship Diagram, which is a diagram to describe the database schema in the abstract level.

What is a dBm?

it is the power ratio in decibels No, it isn't. dB on its own is a ratio. But when dB has a suffix, the figure is an absolute measurement, not a ratio. For instance, dBm is a

What is domain constraints in DBMS?

each column contains same type of data thus when you select a data type for a particular domain then DBMS will not accept any value of other data type. Further information con

What is One to one relationship in ERD?

  Here is Example!!   Entity: PERSON   Att:Baby_Name, Father_Name   Entity: CITY   Att: Country_Name, City_Name, Hospital_Name   1 To 1 Relation:   One B

Define domain with respect to dbms?

  In database technology, domain refers to the description of an attribute's allowed values. The physical description is a set of values the attribute can have, and the se

What the ERD?

  Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD's) are a way of diagrammatically showing entities in an organisations and how they relate to each other. ERD's show detailed representa

What is an ERD?

emergency repair disk: contains information unique to your OS and hard drive, ERD enables restoration on your hard drive of the windows registry, in addition the disk contain

What is erd diagram?

1. ;; '; '; ;' ;' I've told you it's here, haven't I? 2. I'm sure it's Jay's. I'll return it if he's home. 3.I've been told it isn't up to us; it's up to them. 4. ; - - ; -; ;

What should be the erd for website design?

ERD is an Entity Relationship Diagram which is a graphical  representation of database entities (tables, table columns, table  definitions, attributes) and inter-relationshi
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What does an DBMS do?

DBMS is database management system and it stores data that are related. DBMS maintains data security and integrity as well.