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Epic Theater An epic is a theatrical form that emerged in the 1920s, associated with Bertolt Brecht. Brecht sought to distance (alienate) spectators emotionally by writing episodic scenes interrupted by songs and other devices, so the audience would watch objectively and judge what it saw. Ultimately Brecht hoped his audience would relate what they saw in the theatre to conditions in society and would seek to alter the sociopolitical system. Brecht called this theatre "epic" because the alternation of dialogue and narration, with its frequent shifts in time and place, had more in common with epic poetry than with traditional drama.
"The Essential Theatre" Eighth Edition by: Oscar G Brockett and Robert J Ball
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What is epics?

Long poems that tell the storied of heroes.

What are epics?

  Answer   In literature an epic is a (usually lengthy) narrative in verse. In addition to the narrative there is also description and there is an important element o

What is an epic about?

An epic is a long narrative poem that usually contains a hero and speaks of his amazing deeds and events occurring in his time. Some known examples are Beowulf and Paradise lo

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|May 24th 2015 |Proffessor. Emlivior Shuttlekerr |A number of mysterious events leading up to the conclusion of physic Emlivior Shuttlekerr to foretell the complete death of a

What is an epic?

The original meaning of an "epic" was a long narrative poem aboutthe deeds of a mythical hero, often in elevated language andoriginally in oral forms before being set down in

What is a epic?

    A epic is a long poem that tell stories of heroes  

What is Epic Movie rated?

According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), 2007's Epic Movie is rated in the USA as PG-13 for 'crude and sexual humor, language and some comic violence.

What is epic setting?

The Epic Setting is a characteristic of an Epic. It involves fantastic or exotic lands. It also involves more than one nation.

What is epic center?

I believe you mean epicentre, which is the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.

What is epic theater?

  Epic Theatre is a directing technique, it is used to try and get and idea or point across by using drama.   Epic Theatre is a directing technique, it is used to try a

What is epic hero?

An example of an epic hero is Achilles. He displays skills in war, courage and pride for himself and the gods. In an epic there are three big themes and these themes correspon
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What is epic syndrome?

Epic syndrome is an ailment that young writers get wherein they believe they will be the author of the next big saga of their time. This syndrome manifests itself in the total