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Long poems that tell the storied of heroes.
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What is epic?

Epic Theater   An epic is a theatrical form that emerged in the 1920s, associated with Bertolt Brecht. Brecht sought to distance (alienate) spectators emotionally by writin

What is an epic?

The original meaning of an "epic" was a long narrative poem aboutthe deeds of a mythical hero, often in elevated language andoriginally in oral forms before being set down in

What are epics?

  Answer   In literature an epic is a (usually lengthy) narrative in verse. In addition to the narrative there is also description and there is an important element o

What is an epic tale?

An epic tale is a literary work in which a heroic individual, often acting on behalf of a larger community, undergoes exciting adventures and faces terrifying, powerful oppone

What does epic means?

In everyday conversation, "epic" is often used loosely to refer to  anything big or important or long. All such uses are metaphorical  extensions of its basic meaning, in wh

What is an epic about?

An epic is a long narrative poem that usually contains a hero and speaks of his amazing deeds and events occurring in his time. Some known examples are Beowulf and Paradise lo

What is the Epic of Bidasari?

The Epic of Bidasari is a Filipino language stage play. It was  written for Magwayen, the main theatre group at the University of  the City of Manila.

What is Oral Epic?

Oral Instant Epics: Many epic poems were made before the coming of paper and books, and many even before the papyrus rolls. These songs were loudly sang before audiences and i