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If you mean phone number, I don't think they reveal it to the public, I'm not sure though I don't think people are aloud to ring them unless the work there. If you don't mean phone number I hope you find your answer.
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How do you mute Fantage?

How do you mute Fantage?

Go to settings in the bottom right hand corner and click music off. Of just turn the volume down. :)

How do you get gems in Fantage?

Go to the Forest there are games in the Wizards Dorm and if you go further down candy swap and staries are down there,and dont quit right after you get a gem becasue then you
How do you get ecoins in Fantage?

How do you get ecoins in Fantage?

You just watch videos! Here are 6 easy instructions to watch the video. 1. Click on your IDfone. 2. Click on the button, "Earn e-Coins!" 3. Click on any colored button. 4. Wai

What is Fantage?

Fantage is an online game where you can chat with friends, collect pets, buy cool clothes, attend really cool events, and play cool games. You can also get more benefits if yo

Where is mt fantage on fantage?

Mt fantage is lies near castle..it is covered with ice!If you are a reporter,the place were u goes to check the topic for reporting.....(comet and co)the total place is called
How do you dance on Fantage?

How do you dance on Fantage?

u cant unless u have this costume its mostly black and theres more if ur a mem at the vintage shop now but u gotta buy it. oh and when u wear the costume jump wave cry and win
Why is Fantage slow?

Why is Fantage slow?

Well it's not slow I think is the type of your computer or you may have downloaded to many programs and then it gets a virus and it gets SUPER SLOW and that's why internet gam
Do you have a fantage?

Do you have a fantage?

yes i have a fantage. mine is a member :) do you have a fantage? LOL Weird Q. I have a member fantage, very random

How do you type numbers in Fantage?

You cant type numbers the only way you can is to email fantage giving them reason why you should ohh and when you get on fantage type ugie its fun

What do you do on fantage?

1. make your person 2. add friends for buddies 3. play games 4. you can go to downtown, uptown, beach, carnival,etc Hope I help! and u can talk with ur friends and lot
What can you do on Fantage?

What can you do on Fantage?

On Fantage, you can play games, make friends, go to parties, and chat with people all over the world. It is mostly for kids. It is super fun for everyone. If you are a Premium