What is Fantage number?

If you mean phone number, I don't think they reveal it to the public, I'm not sure though I don't think people are aloud to ring them unless the work there. If you don't mean phone number I hope you find your answer.
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Fantage is bad?

No, it is a great site! Unfortunately there are some people, who will bother you. You can either report them or ignore them. If you think it is a bad site change it to safecha (MORE)

What do I do with the gems on Fantage?

Well, you go to the wizards place and click on orb them you put the gems in the slots put one in each [there are three]and when your done with that a clothing or hair will app (MORE)

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How do you get gems in Fantage?

Go to the Forest there are games in the Wizards Dorm and if you go further down candy swap and staries are down there,and dont quit right after you get a gem becasue then you (MORE)

How do you get ecoins in Fantage?

You just watch videos! Here are 6 easy instructions to watch the video. 1. Click on your IDfone. 2. Click on the button, "Earn e-Coins!" 3. Click on any colored button. 4. Wai (MORE)

How do you get on Fantage Japan?

Fantage Japan was originally made for kids in Japan but then we, american kids, started playing on it. Unfortunately, some of us werent just playing it. People were hacking it (MORE)

What is Fantage?

Fantage is an online game where you can chat with friends, collect pets, buy cool clothes, attend really cool events, and play cool games. You can also get more benefits if yo (MORE)