What is fram 3980 oil filter cross reference to bosch oil filter?

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Ac-delco pf52
ac-delco pf52e
alliance abp/n10g-lf782
am general 06004104
amsoil asf23
amsoil eao23
aqua power 6004
atlas g-77
auto value 1-3535
autoedge al3980
autopar fe204
autopro 2036
autowize a15
award aof-173
baldwin b35-s
big a 92036
bosch 3430
bosch 72210
bravo b173
cam2 c4011
canadian tire 17-1710-6
canadian tire 17-1712-2
carcare iof3535
carcare iof3980
carquest 85036
carquest b4011
casite cf51
casite cf52
caterpillar 3i-1114
cenex co447a
champ ph51a
champion of08
champion of32
chrysler l-319
citgo c4011
cruisemaster 218
defense dl3980
defense dl3980
delphi fx1016
deutsch d487
donaldson lfp550051
donaldson p550051
dynalife cn-3535
econo lube l24011
evergard e4011
facet 51
filters incorporated of3535
filters incorporated of3980
firestone tf52
flag c-3535
flag c-3980
fleetguard lf3554
fleetguard lf42503
fleetguard lf782
fleetrite lfr-83486
fleetrite lfr-8782
fram ph3980
general motors 12555891
general motors 19210285
general motors 25010908
general motors 25012760
general motors 25160560
general motors 25171377
general motors 25325403
gonher gp3980
gonher gp48
goodyear 222-4516
goodyear l51
goodyear l52
grand prix ph51a
grease monkey gm24011
grease monkey gm51
grease monkey gm52
group 7 v173
group 7 v4011
hastings lf234
hastings lf393
havoline t-27
hutchen sf-173
hyster 1320000
hyster 375588
isuzu 8-25171-377-0
jiffy lube hl3980
jiffy lube jl173
jiffy lube jl4011
jiffy lube l20173
jiffy lube l24011
john deere ty15135
k & n hp-2001
k mart k-12
k mart mp-12
k mart mp-42
kendall k10
kendall k25
kralinator l197
kralinator l297
lee lf-51
lee lf-51a
lee lf-51ahp
lee lf-51hp
luber-finer ph51a
mann w7 multi 18
mann & hummel ml 1007
mann & hummel w713/18
mann & hummel w718/3
marathon mo51
marathon-letourneau mo51
master parts ph-51
master parts ph-51a
mechanics circle mof 3535
mechanics circle mof 3980
mercruiser 35-802884q
mercruiser 35-802884t
mercruiser 35-883702q
mercruiser 41815
micro f-173
microgard mgl3980
mighty m3980
mileguard mo3980
minit lube ph51
mobil m1-201
mobil mo4011
motor trend ml3980
motorcraft fl 402
napa 1036
omc 173834
omc 502903
parts master 1-3535
parts master 1-3980
parts plus ph51a
pennzoil pz-29
performax po-29
performax po-29
phillips 66 po4011
power flo sl24011
precision tune of-144
precision tune of-52
pro/gauge pgo-4011
promotive ph4011
pronto pg-3980
pronto po-3535
pronto po-3980
pro-tec 120
purolator l20173
purolator l24011
quaker state qs3980
quality qf51
rockhill 61036
safety kleen 110
sears 45180
sears 45203
security so-173
select 500 l1036
service 1 of173
service pro m4011
shell sh27
sieg os3535
sierra 18-7879
silverline 21036
stp s3980
sunoco o-17
sunoco o-29
supertech st3980
target sf51
target sf51a
tecnocar r mix 18
trust ph51a
unocal pf51
valutest 42051
valutest v2036
valvoline vo55
volvo 841750
volvo 841750-3
walmi ws-3535
walmi ws-3980
warner ph51
warner ph51a
western auto 74-5918-3
wix 51036
wix 51190
workhorse custom chassis w8800466
xsv op-173
yamaha ysc-16231-20-0c
yamaha ysc-16231-20-oc
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