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Improvements and betterments is a type of property insurance for a insured who is leasing space from another. The landlord carries property insurance on the building based on the condition of the building when the lease was signed, or the property in which the landlord has an ownership interest. Often when a tenant leases commercial space, the space is provided as a shell, without the fixtures the tenant requires to carry on operations. Examples of fixtures not provided by the landlord might include interior walls, permanently installed shelving or cabinetry fixed seating, internal wiring or plumbing, or any other property permanently attached to the structure of the building which the landlord does not own. The tenant provides for the installation of these improvements at his or her own expense. This property is not insured by the landlord's commercial property coverage, and often listed separately from the tenant's business personal property coverage. It is building property which the tenant, not the landlord has an ownership interest in and therefore needs to insure. Depending on the insurance policy improvements and betterments may be included in the definition of business personal property or it may be listed separately When it is listed separately it is often done so a rate of insurance based on building property, rather than more portable business personal property can be applied. Mark Walters, ARM AAI West Insurance Group mwalters@westagy.com
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