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Most swimming pools are either 50m or 25m in length, in feet these are 164 feet and 82 feet respectively
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What is lap swim?

lap swim is swimming from the starting place of the pool up to the other end of the pool. . .

What is the standard swimming pool length for lap swimming?

Length of a Lap Pool A common lap of a pool is 50 meters internationally. Swimming competitions are generally held in 50m pools. Many colleges or well equipped facilities ha

How many feet are in one swimming lap?

Answer . One length of an Olympic size swimming pool is 50mtrs or 164.041 feet, so a lap (2 lengths) would be 328.082 feet

What does a lap mean in swimming?

lap means down and back. in a high school pool it means 50 yd/m total, in an olympic pool it totals to 100yd/m (50 from wall to wall)

How many meters is a lap swimming?

This depends what type of swimming pool you are in. If your in a 50m pool, then 1 lap is bound to be 50m, then it's the exact same in a 25m pool, you would have swam 1 lap whi

When swimming in a pool what is the difference between swimming a length vs a lap?

Some people feel that a lap and a length are the same thing. They will use the terms interchangeably. Competitive swimmers do not often talk about lengths, but when they do th

How many laps swimming is 500m?

  10 Lengths of an olympic-sized pool of 50m length   20 Lengths of a standard-sized pool of 25m length

How many laps is one length in a swimming pool?

Internationally, it is usually 50 meters, but in the US they have both 50 meter and 25 yard pools. In most places in the US, it is a 25 yard pool because the US measuring syst

How far is 60 lap swim?

depends on the length of the pool. most 'competition' pools will be 25 yards, 25 meters or 50 meters, depending on the layout. some will also be 20 yards wide a true "Olympic-