What is meant by harsh shift in automatic transmission?

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A harsh shift on a transmission is when the driver of a vehicle can hear or feel the gearbox shifting. Sometimes the gearbox will lock and not shift causing the rev limiter to reach the red line. When it finally shifts the car will shake and jolt forward.
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How do you replace automatic transmission shift indicator light?

If you have the shifter on the column...I can't help you. I your shifter is on the floor (center console), then you take something to pry up on the gray plate that covers a large portion of that console where the P, R N D D 2 and 1 are. Slide this plate up and look for the bulb under there. 1.) Tu (MORE)

Why can I not shift my Hyundai accent automatic transmission into drive?

Sounds like my son encoutered the same problem tonight with his Hyundai 2001 Accent GL - 1.6 llitre.. With aplying the brake, pushing the unlock shifter button, the shifter won't move. This happened when he started his car tonight (real cold night -23 Celc.). Is this electical or mechanical related (MORE)

2000 f150 ford automatic transmission shifting problem?

my 2001 f150 4x4 after a transmission serves dropped the auto trans filter and sucked air and shifted badly replaced it twice hope this time it sticks engineer poorly no fastner to hold in place so special seal can't hold in place under normal road conditions. Steve

Why want an automatic transmission shift to third gear?

Answer . Your transmission's filter may be clogged, you may be low on transmission fluid, or the transmission may need repair or replacement. If the transmission was full of fluid, I would suggest a transmission flush, or replacing the transmission filter and fluid. If this doesn't help the trans (MORE)

Does it hurt the transmission to down shift through 123 on an automatic?

Answer . Well, maybe. I've done this on a lot of the cars I've driven and never done any noticeable damage. However, you don't want to down shift an auto at too high a speed/rpm. If you're traveling at 45 miles per hour and down shift into 1st, you may or may not experience a severe jolt (MORE)

My 1988 Toyota truck automatic transmission not shifting into overdrive?

My 1997 Toyota Tacoma 2.4 L transmission would not shift to overdrive after a fluid/filter change.. A obd 2 scanner revealed no codes. I field tested all relays. 1 of my 3 master mechanics ( I mean masters) had the answer. Since I use the web so much for complicated problems I felt compelled to con (MORE)

Why does my car jerk when shifting gears with an automatic transmission?

Either the fluid is low or you have a pressure problem. If the fluid is fine (see your manual on how to check it), then find a good shop. =======mine below Ok, This answer is relevant only for Automatic transmission vehicles , mine is a 2004, Nissan X-Trail T30 with 116Ks. Car started to je (MORE)

Why an automatic transmission wont shift into reverse?

First check the fluid level, if its low add some asap! If the fluid level is fine, look at the fluid is it dark or burnt smelling, feel it does it have metal shavings in it? It may be worth your while to get a transmission filter change and a flush out of the system. Flushing is different that ju (MORE)

Why would a Toyota automatic transmission fail to shift into reverse?

First check the fluid level, if its low add some asap! If the fluid level is fine, look at the fluid is it dark or burnt smelling, feel it does it have metal shavings in it? It may be worth your while to get a transmission filter change and a flush out of the system. Flushing is different that ju (MORE)

2005 venture Transmission jerks when shifting automatic transmission?

If the transmission jerks 1st check the level of transmission fluid. To do this place the car in park, Place the parking brake on, Next start engine and pull out the transmission dip stick wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel re-insert the dip stick and check the level if low add transmission flui (MORE)

What can cause shifting problem Mazda protege automatic transmission?

check your fluid, metal shavings could indicate your torque converter is grinding and about to fail, or check that your fluid level is even topped up! (look for leaks) anything else would require removal of the transmission to inspect and diagnose best of luck -level 1 mechanic

Can you manually shift an automatic transmission?

To a point. You can shift it into L and it wont try and shift. Then go to 2 and it will shift there and stay. Then go to D and it will go manually. On down shifting the newer ones will not allow you to go back down unless the transmission is below a certain speed. But you can still get some back pre (MORE)

Why wont your automatic transmission shift into third gear?

Depending on the vehicle, lets say you own a Chrysler, the electronic transmission has a mode referred to as "limp in" mode. Your vehicle will run only in second, or maybe third gear(transmission). In most cases, if there is something mechanically wrong with your tranny, you will hear it or feel it, (MORE)

Why won't my Hyundai Sonata automatic transmission shift out of park?

It is a problem with your break switch. Had the same thing happen to my Sonata, try the shift lock release button to get it into drive. There are instructions in the manual. If your electronic stability control light stays lit, you need to take it to a dealer to get checked out. If you need a tow ca (MORE)

Automatic transmission will not shift out of second gear?

First check the transmission linkage and make sure it is actually clicking into gears. If not, it may need to be re-adjusted. Next, your transmission may be in "limp http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Transmission_won't_shift_out_of_2nd_gear# mode" which is popular with those transmissions. There are 2 spe (MORE)

What causes your automatic transmission not to shift?

I have a 2002, KIA Spectra and while driving it doesn't want to shift gears. It is an automatic. a million things could cause this but the easyest to check is if there is to much or too little fluid in the trans mission it will not wanna shift the nest step id take is to take is to a tranny shop b (MORE)

When in drive gear and accelerating automatic transmission will not shift?

Your transmission is "sticking" sometimes a fluid and filter change can resolve this problem for a short time however is this does not help there is a solenoid in the trans that needs replacing any transmission shop can preform this solenoid swap relatively cheap and most have the capability to diag (MORE)

Your integra automatic transmission shifts rough .what can it be?

Check your transmission fluid level. If it is low add just enough Acura A/T fluid ATF DW-1 to reach the full mark. Warning: Do not overfill and use only genuine Acura ATF DW1 fluid and nothing else. Check it according to the owners manual instructions. If it is full then you need to seek professio (MORE)

What automatically shifts gears in an automatic transmission?

In a true automatic the gears are applied and released by hydraulic pressure, usually in a special oil. The control system is either an analog hydraulic computer (called a valve body) or on newer cars and trucks an electronic computer that controls the hydraulics.

Why won't my 18 speed eaton fuller automatic transmission shift?

Is yours an autoshift, or a fully automatic transmission? With the autoshifts, the synchroniser has a bad tendency to go out because of improper clutch manipulation. This shouldn't be an issue with a fully automatic transmission, however, and if that's what yours is, the first two culprits would be (MORE)

How do you get the transmission to shift it will not shift automatically and not manually?

!. Check fluid level hot and on level surface in park or neutral depends on mfg recommendations. 2. No red motion lotion mens no go nowhere. check for leaks and smell the transmission fluid if it smells like varnish is toast, or looks like red mud its finished 3. A rebuild might be in order but wit (MORE)

Does the speed sensor control shifts in an automatic transmission?

to my knowledge the speed sensor is just for reading the speed of the vehicle alone...bands and fluid are primary reasons for a transmission to not shift properly. if the fluid is old and worn down or there is not enough fluid in the transmission it will not shift properly and if the bands are worn (MORE)

What cause of early shifting of automatic transmission?

A sensor has failed, and is reporting the wrong value to the transmission controller. Old transmissions: Probably the vacuum modulator or throttle position sensor. Also check the fluid level. New Transmissions: Output speed sensor, turbine speed sensor, throttle-position sensor, fluid pressure (MORE)