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Nuclear instability is when the nucleus of an atom is unstable because of an improper ratio of protons to neutrons. Nuclear instability causes radioactive decay because the nucleus emits radiation to stabilize itself.

What is nuclear?

'Nuclear' means of or to do with the nucleus of something. It usually, but not always, refers to the nucleus of an atom. From this, we get nuclear energy (energy stored in the nucleus when it forms) nuclear bombs/power stations (which utilise this energy for certain purposes) and nuclear charge (the electrical charge in/on a nucleus), among many other terms.

What is political instability?

Political instability is a situation where by a country is currently going through political turmoil. It may also involve the death of people within that country and in many cases the country detoriates in terms of its economic progress.

What are the causes of political instability in Africa?

lack of a smooth process of handover of power: lack of well planned elections can lead to political instability. intervention of the military in the governing process autocratic and dictatorial leaders who refuse to handover power and attract intervention from the international community.

What is crustal instability?

Answer Lack of physical stabilaty of the Earth's crust, resulthing in earthquakes at plate boundaries. p.s. its only a guess

What is price instability?


What is the cause of instability in Africa?

Corruption and poverty which can be linked to European exploitation(slave trading,racism,continued reminder of inferiority,stolen resources,colonization "could feel a book"e.t.c)

What are the causes of political instability?

Poverty, bad conditions for the average people, anger of the people towards the government, etc. All of these are reasons that provoke political instability in the form of crime, revolutions, rebellions, civil wars and other forms of revolting.

Political instability in Pakistan?

Unluckily Pakistan a developing country is facing political instability since its independence 1947 which gives way to dictatorship in Pakistan. There are many reason for that.Alone political stability can do nothing it requires economic stability as well.

What are the Causes of political instability in Pakistan?

\nThe Pakistani economy is in a desperate state, and the causes are long term, structural and not at all conducive to any "quick fix": The new Zardari government in Islamabad has inherited high inflation, large income inequality and a chronic lack of spending for infrastructure and education.\n. \nBereft of oil and possessing little natural wealth, Pakistan has suffered decades of economic failure and stagnation. Ten years ago, it came within a whisker of formally defaulting on its debts and declaring itself bankrupt. So the country's leaders have become perennial seekers of bailouts.\n \n. \n-ramji\n. \n

What causes political instability in Nigeria?

-the flawed elections of 2007, evidence of voting fraud, rigged elections, political violence, INEC manipulated by the presidency -the conflict in the Niger delta because of the use of oil revenues, locals face serious environmental degrardation, rebels are frequently kidnapping foreign oil workers -Nigeria's diversity, three main ethnic groups make up about 66% of the population and they don't work togother, also there is a strong religious divide between Christians and Muslims -Crime and corruption, not only in government but generally Nigeria is associated with crime i.e. the 419 scam, adverse effect on investors -Regional issues, Nigeria forms part of the "trianlge of instability", sharing borders with countries like Cameroon, it has continuous spill overs of refugees and guerrilla fighters over its borders. -the flawed elections of 2007, evidence of voting fraud, rigged elections, political violence, INEC manipulated by the presidency -the conflict in the Niger delta because of the use of oil revenues, locals face serious environmental degrardation, rebels are frequently kidnapping foreign oil workers -Nigeria's diversity, three main ethnic groups make up about 66% of the population and they don't work togother, also there is a strong religious divide between Christians and Muslims -Crime and corruption, not only in government but generally Nigeria is associated with crime i.e. the 419 scam, adverse effect on investors -Regional issues, Nigeria forms part of the "trianlge of instability", sharing borders with countries like Cameroon, it has continuous spill overs of refugees and guerrilla fighters over its borders.

What is economic instability?

Economic Instability Readers Question: my question is whether economic instability means high and fluctuated inflation ,employment and unsustainable growth or has other definition? Economic instability can take various forms. In recent years, we have witnessed a few examples of this. Certainly high inflation (especially when unanticipated) creates instability. But, I also feel there are other factors which can cause instability such as volatile asset prices, volatile levels of growth, volatile bank lending, even labour market unrest. Types of Economic Instability. Inflation. A period of high inflation create instability. When prices are rising rapidly, firms and consumers become uncertain about future costs, prices and profitability - this uncertainty tends to reduce their willingness to invest. When inflation is very high and when inflation is above interest rates, the real value of money can decline quickly causing savings to fall in value. When money loses value, economies can become very unstable as consumers have to resort to a barter economy. For example, the hyper inflation of Zimbabwe created great economic misery and a collapse in living standards. Asset Bubbles. The recent credit crunch has shown how powerful asset bubbles and busts can be in effecting the economy. Rising asset prices (especially housing) encourage spending as people remortgage their house. But, a fall in house prices causes this wealth effect to evaporate and people become cautious over spending. Confidence. Economic instability is linked to confidence. When the economy shows signs of instability, consumers and firms become risk averse. Typically, when people worry over the future, they save a higher % of their income. This higher saving rate can cause a larger fall in output and more instability. It is known as the paradox of thrift. Other types of economic instability Labour Unrest . Large scale strikes can cause lost output and shortage of key public services. (e.g. Winter of discontent in 1970s) Banking system. When banking system ran out of credit and there was a fall in interbank lending, many realised how reliant on the banking sector the economy was. Booms and Busts . Typically economies grow at a long run trend rate which is sustainable. However, a boom and bust creates instability because a period of high growth is followed by a recession and decline in output. Declining output typically leads to higher unemployment and the instability of lower incomes. Tejvan Pettinger sighted by Ojasanya Olalekan (2012).

What are the factors causing Bias instability?

Causes of Bias instability include temperature and current gain.High temperature will change the parameters in the transistor. Whenmanufacturing transistors there is a possibility of them havingdifferent parameters.

10 causes of social instability?

There are many causes of social instability. Some examples of thecauses of social instability are; international tension,industrialization and population growth.

What is social instability?

Clashes between the various structures that make up the a society, in other words, a society thrown into pandemonium by civil unrest, is said to be unstable

What is the main Reason for instability of the nucleus?

Nuclear instability - a phenomenon concluded from empirical evidence. A model to explain this is based on the idea of nuclear shells. The number of protons and neutron in the nucleus. The nucleons fill up inside the nucleus in shells, each shell has a specific allotment of nucleons. incomplete shell gives rise to instability.. The number of nucleons also affect the stability and such numbers are called 'magic numbers', 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82, 126. There are nuclides which have double the magic number, called 'double magic'. Magic and Double Magic numbers are charecterised by higher binding energies per nucleon for nuclides.. The mechanism of stability may be calculated by using schroedinger's equation if the nuclear potential is known.. in my opinion the instability and reason for randomness of decay may be due to vacuum fluctuations, connected to ideas from perturbation theory and definitely linked quantum field theory - any concrete mathematical evidence to support this is beyond me.

Definition of social instability?

There are quite a few definitions of social instability that areaccepted. The general thread between them all is that theenvironment of the individual is constantly changing.

What is gravitational instability theory?

Gravitational instability theory, is a theory that the Jovianplanets are formed directly from the instabilities within thegasses around them which leads to gravitational collapse. Thismakes one of the four giant outer planets of the solar system,which resembles Jupiter in physical and chemical composition. gravitational instabability theory -- gas and dust sticks toitself and colapses. core accretion theory -- a core of rock and ice attractsgasses.

Instability in latin America?

the instability if latin America occured when it was controlled and taken over, then the economy was triggered and it became instable.

How did political instability affect tourists?

. The political aspects of tourism are interwoven with its economic consequences; tourism is not only a "continuation of politics" but also an integral part of the world's political economy. In short, tourism is, or can be, a tool used not only for economic but for political means. There is also the Unwillingness on the part of many decision makers both in government and in the private sector to acknowledge the political nature of tourism. Examples of politics in tourism, 1987 Fiji Coup d'etat.

What is another word for instability?

Instability means something that is shaky and not stable. Otherwords for instability are uncertainty, unpredictability, erratic,unreliability, and volatility.

What causes nuclear instability?

Inside the nucleus of an atom, there is a competition between twoprinciple forces: strong nuclear forces which keep the nucleustogether, and electrostatic forces between the protons which wantto blow it apart. Different proton-neutron structures causeschanges between these two forces which affects the stability of theatom. . The exact instant an atom decays is a quantum perturbation. Everytime the atom vibrates, it has a chance of overcoming theactivation energy barrier for decay..

What is political instablity?

Political instability is when there is unconstitutionally changed of government. it can be regular or irregular change of government. Ghana was said to have political instability but most of the coup d'etat which illegally overthrew various governments did not involve in any blood-shedding or turmoil.

What was a reason for the instability in Latin America?

Many of the governments in Latin America have competing factions(capitalist, socialist, communist) within their borders. Geography,poverty, and varied ethnic composition in these countries has alsomade establishing infrastructure difficult in many areas. Drug cartels have been taking control of small towns and villagesin order to sell drugs to natives. Social Inequality is fueling crime in Latin America. It will not beresolved until the gap between rich and poor is addressed.

What does the medical term dynamic instability mean?

Dynamic indicates with movement; instability means the same thing as in lay-language. A joint may be stable when someone is not using it, but may become unstable during normal use/movement. This is dynamic instability.

Which factors affecting instability of nitroglycerin?

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What is Respiratory mechanics instability?

RMI™ - (Respiratory MechanicsInstability) is a proprietary algorithm that assesses the severityof Sleep Disordered Breathing by analyzing the phase relationshipbetween the abdomen and thorax.

Can a society overcome conflict and instability?

Human social is struggling with it for centuries on this issue, and the progress is slow, but we have conquered many victories. The human being doesn't have conflicts, He lives permanently under conflicts. But they can be eased up with the help of more knowledges, discoveries, advances of the science on many fields, but we shall never become ourselves perfect.

What is production instability?

When the menstrual cycle is reversed, the force of gravity causes the production to destablizie, annihilating one's eggs and sperms (no babies for you!)

How can you combat your mental instabilities?

I asked this question and this is my description on how I feel: Hi, I'm a 17 year old junior and i need some serious help. Now I have read a lot of places that this may be hormones, but I don't care - this is important to me. So, I have been very into music ever since i can remember. I play three instruments and I plan on attending a specialty college for sound engineering and music production 0 maybe becoming an artist later on in life. Music is my life. Every emotion I feel is done so by a song or a melody or pattern i hear or or replay in my head. I tend to over think everything, I have a bad case of OCD, (wring correction and perfectionist), and I have ADD. Let me start off by saying, im not a weird kid. I have friends and I talk to people and hang out with them and all that jazz. I wouldn't necessarily choose to do that regularly, but i want to fit in - and i do it well. I am a very closed minded individual when it comes to drugs - i smoke weed maybe once a weekend though, and i don't try many new things. I have too high of expectations for the music I try to make. When I sit down to make a song, I get so pissed off I feel like sitting there and doing nothing - which happens a lot. I have a feeling like, I could never make a song as great as the ones my favorite music artists (Damon albarn of the gorillaz, danger mouse, the shins, so on) make. I feel like they have done everything there is to do and I could never make anything better or even close to what they did. I mean, i honestly cant even listen to my favorite songs because i become so upset with myself. Im a really self conscious kid with really high expectations and overly mature views and reactions to everything. I do these weird knacks that piss me off - like look at a word and say it about 20 times until i say it correctly, I HAVE to finish the thing I'm doing or do it 100% correctly before I can move on I and grind me teeth on one side the same as the other and make sure my eyes are open the same amount and i have horrible posture so that's something to constantly think about. Im just so self conscious about so many things that I cant pay attention anywhere else. I also feel like i am running out of time. Everything i do is rushed. Im only 17, but i feel like ill be out into the real world in no time and I have no reference to see if my music is any good. I mean, i get so sidetracked that i cant even finish a single song! I feel like my biggest problem is my inability (or believed inability) to create music like my idols, and that is because i am so focused on appeasing my self conscious ways. I have been struggling with this for almost two years and it keeps getting worse every day. I hate to brag, but i feel like i have what it takes to make it, but i lack the peace of mind to follow through with anything musical. i am very indecisive when it comes to anything, mostly what sound for my music i want and constantly trying to sound like someone else. i don't know how to just, let that go? Im not obsessed with Damon the person, im obsessed with figuring out how he does it mentally. When I listen to Damon Albarn's music, It fills in the mental space where my peace of musical mind should be, and i feel so dependent on it and i feel like i cant make anything that could fit there too. i wanna add that im NOT depressed in a sense of, "cutting my wrists and hating life". I just cant handle the stress that my OCD packs onto of my over analyzing of every situation - mostly life in general, not just music. but that is effecting what i can do musically and how much mental ability i can put forth to it. There is more to say, but I can't put it into words - so ill leave it at that. By the way, Im listening to "The Bunting Song" by, The Good The Bad And The Queen - one of Damon's bands.

What effect does economic instability have on politicians?

Generally, economic instability has a negative effect on politicians since voters tend to 1) Erroneously blame politicians for failure to control or monitor long-term economic patterns or actions beyond their control. 2) Expect politicians to provide immediate and fast-acting solutions to economic problems. Since completing 2 is generally extremely difficult - if not impossible - politicians tend to bear the brunt of responsibility for economic instability when they are unable to alleviate it.

What are the causes of economic instability in Pakistan?

- Causes and Effects Pakistan is experiencing the worst economic crisis and downturn. It was worsened in the past recent years. When the country unable to sustain it's economic growth due to the major domestic reasons and also global recession implications. Poor economic conditions, planning and poverty rise more and more every year. The capital flight already happened to its much extent from the country to outside. Oil import bill continues to haunt Pakistan's balance of payments with huge amounts of worth billions of dollars imports added at one side while lesser amount of exports from Pakistan to the foreign world naturally creates unfavorable balance of payments and high trade deficit. Investors from Pakistan fled amidst of more economic fears. While the high inflation turned into stagflation contributed a lot in economic crisis in the country. Another big factor which contributed is terrorism and militancy in the country which shaken confidence of investor and businesses. These problems can be still resolved if responsible authorities and government acts responsibly now with a clear path to follow for improving the current economic conditions. The causes and effects of economic downturn are as follows. Causes and Effects of Economic Downturn One of the biggest worries for Pakistan economy is once again increasing oil prices. Which left the country no way but to increase oil prices domestically. Although, the government faced and is facing much resistance from the peoples and from politicians, but infact, no way is actually there which can allow the government not to increase the prices. Increasing food prices and shortage of food products is also becoming a huge problem now because of low yields from the agricultural lands and sources of the country. Poor management of food related matters and ignored agricultural sector by the government contributing also to this. Despite of the fact that Pakistan is an agricultural country. Smuggling of food from Pakistan to Afghanistan made the food shortage in the country even worst. We can easily see anywhere longer lines for buying and taking food related ingredients are now common in the rural areas as well as cities. Terrorism in the country especially in the big cities created fear among the peoples and common man that what will happen now, what will be their future? Contributed to already ailing Pakistan economy to more extent which also triggered most capital outflow. Investment from foreign sources in few years back was more than $700, 63 million dollars but afterwards it remained only $329 million according to last quarter of 2008 estimate. Political instability also played its role always in decline trend of the economy because political stability is important for any economy and its activities to flourish smoothly but unfortunately Pakistan lacks this and faces most of the time political uncertainty. Tax Culture: The tax culture in Pakistan is poorly administered and developed. The most of big and large sectors do not pay taxes to the government or pay less while most of the taxes are being paid by the salaried and middle class. They pay taxes regularly along with some business sectors but big part is still not in the tax umbrella. Also no agricultural tax is here due to no commitment in the policy makers to do this. Uncontrolled Growth : In Pakistan, almost every government didn't paid its needed attention to production related matters and enhancing it for local market and its consumption which resulted in the need of more and more goods imports from abroad and higher dependency on other countries. Infectivity of Poverty Reduction Programs: Pakistan tried various poverty reduction programs and schemes of different types and kinds in different decades but they do not proved significantly effective in Pakistan due to various factors involved in it such as rapidly increasing population hampers the efforts and only short term policies with less commitment. Less effective education system and also unskilled labor and population unable them to work effectively and efficiently. Electricity and Gas Shortage: Electricity and Gas shortage in the country is also creating havoc for industries in Pakistan. Long hours of load shedding of electricity and gas throughout the country restricting the industries to work smoothly and completely and to produce the goods for catering local needs as well as foreign orders also creates other problems such as industry losing its customers and orders and ends up at last in closing of industry. Price hike and Inflation: In last years the inflation in Pakistan had reached its record high 25% percent. Though it is not there right now but it is still at very much higher levels which is hurting the economic growth overall. Inflation increased due to the State Bank borrowing, higher food prices domestically, increasing prices of food commodities at international levels, increasing oil prices both domestically and internationally, Poor growth in manufacturing sector and non effective supply of goods and services and specially devaluation of Rupee PKR contributed to price hike and inflation a lot. Miscellaneous causes: The high volumes imports from the other countries actually destroyed Pakistan's own industry and manufacturing sector which resulted in unemployment. Less and illiterate peoples and human resource is less capable and productive. Conflicts, high rate of fast increasing population created more burdens for economy and as well as burden created by debts. Security & Law & Order Issue : Terrorist activities, acts of militancy and terrorism, extremism, rising rates of crimes including street crimes, robbery, theft acts and extortion related activities and others also created sense of insecurity in peoples as well as in investors results none of them sure about anything to happen and created uncertainty. The following is the causes and how economic crisis of Pakistan started its buildup. Mohsin Khan of Peterson Institute advised Pakistan Government. Here are his views. "The situation for the Pakistan economy is pretty grim. Unfortunately it is-it's almost as if the government didn't learn anything from that experience. What is happening is the following: You've got very slow growth, maybe around 2 to 3 percent for a variety of reasons, but we can go into that later. Inflation [is] rising very rapidly and the cause is exactly what was happening in 2008. You have an increase in food prices and in energy prices. The government refuses, or actually in this case, had to back down from increasing domestic gasoline prices in line with international oil prices, which meant that essentially it had to subsidize the public, which it did do. The cost of that subsidy is rising day by day as oil prices stay high and domestic prices are kept below international prices, and the fiscal deficit rises. The expansion in the fiscal deficit is then financed primarily by the government borrowing from the central bank, which is akin to printing money. So it's pumping liquidity into the system and that's leading to higher inflation. This is exactly what happened in 2008, which in fact led to the Pakistanis asking the IMF for a program of economic assistance alone. The ongoing IMF program has been suspended because Pakistan was not able to meet the conditions that the IMF had set for them, including on the size of the fiscal deficit and certain other actions like introducing a new or revised general sales tax, which is sort of like a VAT [value-added tax]. The government just recently, in fact this past week, said it tried to push this through but found such political opposition that it decided not to go through with it. So that's off the table. He throws up certain figures: By my reckoning, the fiscal deficit in the budget was 4.7 percent of GDP. It's going to be around 8 percent if this continues…… The figures coming out right now show growth of between 2 and 2.5 percent, with inflation easily above 20 percent-it could be 25 percent." Effects of Economic Downturn - Government of Pakistan now must needs to shift its focus to economic condition of the country and need to take necessary steps now to avoid from worsening. They need to workout also on law and order situation throughout the country to improve it because this is the only way by the confidence of peoples as well as the investors can be restored. Inflation needs to be eased up in the economy and brought under control. Different business which makes cartels to increase the prices needs to be dealt strictly for curbing the inflation and price hikes. Political stability needs to be established now. Government must needs to take steps to resolve the energy and power shortage. Security situation needs much improvement overall. The economic downturn and slowdown already started its effects to be shown commonly and everyone can feel and see these effects. The power shortages throughout country are increasing public anger and everyday protests are happening everywhere against load shedding of electricity and gas. These power shortages and load shedding also affects industries to greater extents. The industrial sector is unable to conduct its production efficiently now and this is also increasing cost of production. Similarly, textile industry sector is also experiencing slowdown in the economy as well as downturn. Facing same kind of problems like other industries. Automobile sector is also hit by economic downturn and its sales are almost dropped up to 50%. Also, the unemployment is on rising and workers who were laid-off are increasingly protesting against job losses. The thing is, Pakistan is a country with non serious rulers. Most of them are incompetent and irresponsible. The problems of the country including both threats that are originating internally and external threats can be managed by a serious administration and governments which is serious and responsible towards the country and not their own motives. Also the peoples of Pakistan needs to starts thinking and working for the country and not for only themselves if the nation building process to be successful. (Analysis and Article is written by A.A. Ricky Nastan)

What is instability mean?

It means lack of stability. The state of being unstable. Or tendency to unpredictable behavior or erratic changes of mood. She showed increasing signs of mental instability.

What is a possible cause of instability in a computer?

Well, this is a pretty broad question but I'll do my best.Instability can be caused by a multitude of factors. From the software side, you can have incompatibilities betweenvendors. Software makers don't always talk to each other, or toMicrosoft for that matter when building their products. Althoughthey have certain standards to work with, there's lots of room forincompatibility to creep in and cause stability problems. The same issues can be caused by hardware. You may find that yourcomputer becomes less stable after you add that new video card orUSB device. Hardware needs drivers (which are essentially thesoftware interface telling Windows how to use the particular pieceof hardware) and these aren't always written well, also causing theoccasional crash. Thirdly, (and in my experience this is a very underrated factorthat most people don't think of) is heat. If you computer is in acabinet at your desk or in a location that doesn't allow for goodair flow, your system will be prone to crashing. On top of this youmust clean out dust and debris on occasion (twice a year is myrecommendation), especially if you have a lot of animals in yourhome or if the air is very dusty. Electronics in general do not like heat which can cause all sortsof problems that can easily be misinterpreted as software orhardware issues. Power is another consideration. Your computer should be connected aGOOD QUALITY surge protector at minimum. Even better is a UPSbattery backup that will keep constant stable power to yourcomputer. Heat and power are the enemy of electronics :)