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Bushido:It means "way of the warrior" ancient Japanese followed this and they still do today it's their respect for the ways of a warrior on not who they are. I do not know bushido's relevance to WWII. Bushido was a code which the Japanese were taught to live by. They were taught that dedication and complete respect to their emperor and family was important. If the Japanese in anyway disgraced themselves they would commit suicide so they could save the reputation of there family. In WW2 the Japanese could not understand why many of the Allied forces surrendered and therefore treated them poorly.
 The Code of Bushido in WWII was used as a tool to motivate the ignorant masses to murder and die in the name of the emperor. For example, the rape, torture and murder of over 300,000 "unarmed" civilians in Nanking was justified by the arrogance and racism of the Code. The estimated 10 million Chinese (mostly civilians)killed starved and murdered with biological weapons by the Japanese was not at all "honorable".The military in control of the government and the puppet "divine" emperor used the Code to brainwash and control the ordinary soldier. Some of the Code's character traits such as Justice, Unselfishness, Righteousness, Honor and Virtue were a joke in WWII. Using the "divine wind" or kamikaze to die in large numbers for naught was renamed "passing wind" by U.S. pilots.Blind obedience in the name of Country-- what a waste.The Japanese people deserved better.  The code of Bushido is a code of honor that can be closely compared to the medieval Europe code of chivalry. It required many things that could be expected like courtesy towards women, strong spirituality and the most important was having no fear of death. Since the bushi were Buddhists they believed that if they died they would be reincarnated as another form. This encouraged them to commit suicide or "seppuku" which was done by a defeated samurai kneeling down and sticking a sword or knife through his chest in order to feel the pain of defeat, a comrade or enemy would then chop of his head to symbolize the end of suffering. During WWII this sacred code was considered important to follow, particularly in causes of surrender. As the samurai traditionally carries two swords -one long sword for fighting and a short stabbing knife in the event of defeat and the Japanese soldier needed to commit suicide- he would surrender his fighting sword if he was captured. This sword is seen as their most prized possession and giving this sword to any other person would be a disgrace to the man's family and Emperor.

In WW2, when the Japanese were held prisoner in Cowra prison Australia, many Japanese prisoners could not understand the quality of the treatment which the Australian guards gave them. They received a good standard of housing and were well fed. Although treated so well, the Japanese were not happy and often attempted suicide. Many also changed there names so that their parents assumed they were dead rather then disappoint them. This was because of the way they were taught to follow the Bushido code.
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