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What is the French translation for the name Jack?

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Because Jack is actually a version of the name John, I believe the correct translation might actually be Jean. I think Jacques is the French version of James
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What is the Italian translation of the English name 'Jack'?

Gianni is an Italian equivalent of the English name "Jack". Specifically, the name is a masculine proper noun. It serves as a nickname for Giovanni ("John"). The pronuncia

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Ils s'appellent ... is one French equivalent of the English phrase "Their names are... ." Specifically, the personal pronoun ils means "they." The reflexive pronoun se

How does the name Glenda translate into French?

Glenda as the character in "Wizard of Oz" is usually translated as "Glinda". However, if a living person's name is Glenda in English, the name would be preserved in French (

Translate what is your name into french?

What is your name?    The standard translation is    Comment vous appelez-vous ? -- "koh-mah[n] voo zah-play voo"    or    Comment t'appelles-tu ?