What is the Rock of Gibraltar?

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The "Rock" of GibraltarGibraltar is a monolithic limestone promontory located in Gibraltar. The promotory has been hollowed out and fortified as a military defensive position controlling the Strait of Gibraltar over 2 centuries.

Gibraltar is a tiny British colony on the southernmost tip of Spain, and is mostly a huge cliff face, looking out across the narrowest part of the Mediterranean Sea. It was captured from the Spanish in 18th century, and at that time had huge strategic importance, as any shipping wishing to go out into the Atlantic Ocean from the Med (or vice versa) would have to pass within range of British cannons.

The Spanish have frequently demanded the return of sovereignty of the colony, which has equally frequently been rejected, and the people themselves have expressed the desire to remain British. Happily, the Spanish have refrained from copying the Argentinians' example in the Falklands of invading the place!

Gibraltar is home to the only wild apes to be found in Europe (the Barbary Apes), and is featured in the James Bond film ' The Livig Daylights', as the opening sequence is shot there. At the end of the chase, a Land Rover flies off the Rock and crashes into the Straits!
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What kind of rock is the rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is made of limestone. Predominately of Shale known as Catalan Bay Shale containing thick units of brown calcareous sandstone, soft shaly sandstone with b

What is the Rock of Gibraltar and where is it located?

The Rock of Gibraltar is a limestone promontory located inGibraltar, one of the southernmost points of the Iberian Peninsula.Gibraltar is a British overseas territory, an excl

What hemisphere contains the Rock of Gibraltar?

The Rock of Gibraltar is in the Northern Hemisphere. Some people think that is is southern but that is WRONG! Northern. It's at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from