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What is the advantages of web-based application?

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There are so many advantages of web-based application. Some of them include being able to access it from any location with internet connectivity and it also saves up on installation problems and storage among others.
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What are the advantages of mounting applications on the web?

  here are the advantages:   * Increasing awareness of the availability of a service, product, industry, person, or group.  * The possibility of 24-hour access for use

What are web application and embedded application?

  Simple answer... a web application is an application accessed via a web browser (ie, firefox, chrome, safari, opera...)   A web application can be as simple as HTML f

Definition of web-based application?

Web-based application that is accessed over a network such as internet or intranet. The software is on the internet and your documents can be saved there instead of the softwa

What is meant by web based application development?

Web based application development refers to the field of computer programming specializing in applications that are used over the web. These can include email, scheduling, onl

What are the advantages of job application forms?

They are quick and easy to do.Confirmation that the form has been received will be sent to you by email.The system helps by checking for errors.There is no risk that the appli

What are the disadvantages and advantages of windows application?

Windows application can be created for standalone applications. Its well suit for desktop application. disadvantage is we need to run the patch and require plugging in require

DBMS used in web-based application?

MYSQL - a freely distributed DBMS Microsoft SQL Server - the product of old-brand Microsoft Oracle - a strong and powerful DBMS, which is normally used by larger enterpris

What does web-based application software do?

It depends on the type of software. Web-based application software in generic terms is software that is used through a browser that helps you in a task.

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Many people might consider their charm an advantage over other  applicants. Others might consider their organizational skills to be  an advantage.

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A letter of application, or a cover letter, is where you introduce  yourself to a company or business. You can add a more personal  flair to the letter, and highlight your s

In distributed applications what are the advantages of threads?

  Threads in distributed applications have the same benefits as in any other application: they allow you to perform multiple operations at the same time. Specifically fo