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What is the best interior finish for a swimming pool?

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Jewels 4 Pools, Geo Polymer modified non fade 100% pure crystal pool lining would have to be the best pool lining available for concrete pools in the world today.
It's been tested for nearly 10 years now and compared to other types of finishes has proven to be highly durable.
Best thing of all is its supa smooth on your skin, no scratches or abrasions, just as good as tiles.
Best thing we ever did for our pool!
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What is the best above ground swimming pool filter system?

Well, there are basically 3 different kinds of filter systems, sand, cartridge, or Dichotomous Earth. DE Filters remove the most particles from a pool and are also the most ex

What is the best heater for an in-ground swimming pool?

A lot depends on where you live and what months you want to swim. For most people a heat pump costs about 1/3 of what a natural gas or oil heater costs to run, about 1/5 of wh

Who makes the best swimming pool acid?

Answer   You know acid is pretty much acid. However there are different concentrations of dry acid. Look for something 88-100% active ingredient. 100% would be the most e

What is the best salt chlorinator system for swimming pools?

Magnablu This is in my opinion the best salt water chlorinator available I have seen one operating for over a year now and have never seen the pool as clean and trouble free.

Best purification system for a swimming pool?

  In Australia I an in the process of trying out a new system in saltwater pools that was is originally from Europe. So far "after about a month" I have found it outstandi

What is the best temperature for a swimming pool?

  Best? For comfort? That answer is different for everyone. It's like how hot do you like your shower. As far as for quality of water, a warmer pool can be just a clean it

What type of swimming pool is best in a cold weather climate?

"Best" in cold weather climates would probably be an indoor pool.   Most outdoor (either above-ground or in-ground) pools need to be  completely drained (or always heated

What is the best weather to open a swimming pool?

Some people like to have their pool opened around June 1, sometimes the weather will allow you to, to open a pool means your going to be working with cold water most of the da

What is the best pool interior surface?

  I like Pebble-crete it is durable and forgiving when it comes to stains most stains are removed easily and the unavoidable discoloring over the years is harder to discer
In Masonry

Best direction to face a swimming pool?

The best direction to face a swimming pool is to the south. This  way the sun will hit the pool for the most part of the day. You  want the sun to hit the pool because it wi