What is the capital of Grenada?

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The capital from Grenada is St. George´s in the parish of Saint George.
This beautiful island is located in the south Caribbean - in 1983, the US invaded the island to rid it of Communist Cuban forces. St.George's
St. Georges
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What is the landforms for Grenada?

Some major landforms of Grenada include the St. John's River, GrandEtang Lake, and a rain forest reserve In addition, Grenada hasswamps and sandy beaches.

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. The capitalcity in Grenada is St. George's, and the official language isEnglish.

Where is the grenada located?

It's okay to just call it Grenada. Using "the" in front, is not necessary. Grenada is a Caribbean island located on the southern end of the eastern chain of islands.. It is

Food of Grenada?

Our national dish is the oil down, a delicious mixture of meats, spices and vegetables. It is a comfort food which is very filling . This is just one of the many ways you can

What is the capital city of Grenada?

The capital city of Grenada is Saint George's. The capital city of Grenada is Saint George's and there is also a church named Saint George. Granada is a capital city so don't