What is the correct height of a gas hot water heater installed in a garage?

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THE PHCC recommends 24 "
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What is causing the hot water to be reddish if you installed a new gas hot water heater in 2004?

Answer #2 \n. \nInsofar as the unit is only two years old, it is not likely the rust or sediment is coming from the corroding interior of your unit. It's getting in there from the cold-water feed. If your house is supplied by old iron pipes, that could be the source. Or if your house is suppli (MORE)

What if there is no drip leg installed on a water heater gas line?

Answer . Not much of anything. Drip legs were quite common in the past, and many cities and engineers still specifiy their use. They are intended to capture any condensed water that may have been transported in the gas. If you don't have a drip leg, I'd not worry about it.. I was flagged for thi (MORE)

Why does your gas hot water heater pilot keep going out?

This is usually caused by a bad thermocouple. The thermocouple looks like a thick, solid copper wire screwed into the gas valve on the water heater. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, causing it to generate a minute electrical current at low voltage, which provides power to an electr (MORE)

What should you do if your gas water heater is not producing hot water?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \n(1) the gas is cut off; (2)the pilot light blew out and is not igniting the burner; (3)the thermostat is set too low for your requirements; (3)the thermocoupler is bad; (4)the pressure relief valve is stuck in the open position and discharging the hot water. 1,2,& 3 are (MORE)

Can a gas water heater be installed in a bathroom?

\n. \n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nyes\nthere are direct vent gas water heater available\n. \n Answer \n. \nAbsolutely NOT… maybe… sort-of… but not necessarily\n. \nHere is the 2006 International Code Council answer to your question. The ICC International Codes are the most preval (MORE)

How long does it take water to heat up in a newly installed hot water heater?

Two years 11/2 months and 3 days and 41/2 hours approximately. It has to do with how many thousands of gallons are in the tank , how many are being drawn out and what the BTU input is of the fuel being used 100 litres at 60 degrees Celsius = 1 hour (2kw element) 150 litres at 60 degrees Ce (MORE)

How do you add a second gas hot water heater?

By calculating the the load required on the existing gas piping to make sure you can get complete combustion so no one gets asphyxiated and double check the flue requirements so there is no possibility of spillage of toxic fumes

How do you install gas water heater vent?

Answer . [Note: There are critical safety concerns involved here. Read the whole answer!] . I'm no plumber, but I do know this:. You need to determine if your water heater is designed for side venting or verticle venting! . If installed improperly, the water heater may allow deadly carbon mono (MORE)

Why does our gas hot water heater have insufficient hot water?

There are a few possibilities. One is that the water heater is not large enough for the demand put on it. Another is that it is not turned up high enough. Another is that your shower and bath valves are preset so as limit that maximum temperature. These can be adjusted and how to do it is dependent (MORE)

How do you light a gas hot water heater?

The detailed directions are printed on front of EVERY gas regulator. - However, in general, turn regulator switch to OFF for 2 minutes, then to PILOT and depress for one minute, then light pilot or press clicker till it lights. Keep PILOT pressed for 2 more minutes then slowly release it. If it s (MORE)

What steps are necessary to light a gas hot water heater pilot light?

The detailed directions are printed on front of EVERY gas regulator. - However, in general, turn regulator switch to OFF for 2 minutes, then to PILOT and depress for one minute, then light pilot or press clicker till it lights. Keep PILOT pressed for 2 more minutes then slowly release it. If it sta (MORE)

What height shouuld a gas or oil filled water heater in the garage be?

mate im a gas fitter in aus and the rules are quite complexed because of the following reasons if LPG water heater any leak combined with the ignition point of the car can be dangous, w/h must be protected from damage from car etc. i would recommend you getting advice from a gas fitter in your area (MORE)

Convert natural gas hot water heater to lp?

Usually yes. The air/fuel mixture ratios are different, so you most likely need a different fuel orifice. Most of the water heaters I've dealt with you can buy a conversion kit with the lp orifice from the manufacturer, usually not too expensive. Get the exact model number for your heater and then (MORE)

How do you drain your gas hot water heater?

Shut off fuel supply. Allow to cool. Close the inlet and out let valves. Open the drain valve bottom of heater. Open the T&P to break Vacuum. Have a hose attached to dump water in a safe area. If you are draining heater to flush don't shut off fuel supply. On a power vent heater (pvc venting) you ca (MORE)

Is it hard to replace a gas hot water heater?

Not for a licensed master plumber who knows to check for carbon monoxide and checks up draft to make sure there is no spillage and checks the size of the gas piping to ensure enough volume for proper combustion

Why does your hot water run out quicker than it used to with a gas water heater?

It shouldn't. Gas continually heats the water very quickly, so you don't really run out of hot water at all, where with regular heating it takes a long time to heat new water. You should get the person who installed the system to doublecheck, and possibly they can explain why it is happening. It co (MORE)

Is there any law against storing garbage cans in garages with gas water heaters?

i am not aware of any law like this. my gas hot water heater is in my basement and it sits near to my washer and dryer. i keep the floor around my hot water heater free of any boxes or other stuff. a word of advice though...never store your gasoline can near your hot water heater. never. my gasoline (MORE)

How do you hook -up a gas hot water heater?

residential? commercial? new ? replacement? if its a new water heater in a new home then the easiest way is to buy copper flex's and a gas flex and make sure you have low pressure gas at your gas stop like around 10 to 14" water column. Make sure you have a cold shut off on your cold water line befo (MORE)

What is causing my gas hot water heater to shut off?

Thermocouple is most likely the problem but it also can be wind and draft which blows out the pilot light and very rare it can be you have a air pocket in your line or sometimes condensation can drip on the pilot. If you have a flame when starting the pilot light as you are pushing down on a non for (MORE)

Why does the water in your natural gas hot water heater not get hot?

you have a question that can have many different answers . here is a list I would check first to your problem. 1. is your pilot light out or if a forced air WH is it plugged in with power to it? 2. Is your gas line on or do you have gas to your water heater? 3. look up your water heater manual guide (MORE)

What are causes of water dropping on the gas burner in the hot water heater?

Usually this is a good sign that you will need to replace your HWH soon. If your HWH is 15 - 20 years old, you will realize a savings in your gas bill when it is replaced. When you replace your HWH it is a good time to adjust your water temperature and insulate the pipes (at least the ones that are (MORE)

How much is it to install a gas hot water heater?

A straightforward swap of a like make and model from the existing model, if all the parts,valves, strapping, are in good condition and the codes are met. A licensed plumber in the Los Angeles area will cost about $1200-$2000 for a 40 gallon gas water heater. Including the heater.

What caused your gas hot water heater to leak water?

1- Tank rusted out 2- Ambient temperature has lots of humility and when hitting the cold meter of the tank it drips 3- T&P discharging 4- galvanic corrosion as someone did not install a dielectric fitting to prevent electrolytic action

What causes leaks in gas hot water heater?

Leaks can be caused by all kinds of things: . Sediment in the water heater can cause the pipes and pipe fittings to erode or can build up around the pressure relief valve and cause a leak there . Excessive pressure can build up in the tank, tripping said pressure relief valve . Drain valve can (MORE)

Why is the gas hot water heater flowing water out the valve?

sounds like may be to much heat. if its coming out of the pressure relief valve located on top.turn heat down, you said coming out the valve i thinking you mean the valve on top of heater.if so thats it. faulty valve or water is getting to hot.hope thathelps

How safe are natural gas garage heaters?

Natural gas is more thin than air, which means it is not as flammable and will more likely go up in the atmosphere. Although it is non-toxic, one should still make way for ventilation avoiding suffocation. Natural gas is clean and efficient. It is surely one of the safer options to bare in mind.

What are the top gas hot water heaters?

Consumer reviews list several gas hot water heaters at the top of their list. Among them are Rheem, Reliance and Eccotemp. You can find a complete line of water heaters at stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's.