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What is the definition of Human-Environment Interaction?

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Human Environment interaction is how people use, affect, and are affected by our surroundings.
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Definition of classroom interaction?

classroom interaction could be referred to as a process of passing down a vital information from the professional teacher who has undergone a rigorous training to the learners

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What is definition of geography term human environmental interaction?

Human Environmental Interaction is basically how we affect and are affected by the environment, and also how we disturb the natural environment. The Five Themes of Geograph

Tasmania's human environment interaction?

For thousands of years, the people of Tasmania have hunted and  gathered to find food and live off the land. Now there are many  artists and architecture to be seen througho

What is human-environment interaction in Luxembourg?

Human environment interaction in Luxembourg is similar to most other countries. Whenever we do anything to change the environment, that is interaction. Building roads. Build

What is a human-environment interaction?

Human-environment interaction (or HEI) is the way humans modify or adapt to nature around them. For example, the Ancient Egyptians had to adapt to the Nile, since every year i

Human environment interaction examples?

1. If chemical buildings polluting streams, rivers, and lakes then pollution will happen. 2.. If constructers continue to cut down trees to build roads and building without
In Spain

What is human environment Interaction in spain?

Human/Environment Interaction is how people interact with the environment. People in Spain use the ocean for fish and other sea food. They also use vegetation for food such as