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In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies. In music, resonance is the characteristic of sound waves vibrating in either the open air or within an enclosed structure, which can include a musical instrument. Like in a violin, when the strings are bowed, the sound resonates within the box (the hollow part of the instrument) and thus becomes a bit more amplified for us to hear. The Link below gives a simple and lively explanation of the concept of resonance. http://analog-design-for-chickenbrain.blogspot.com/2009/05/what-heck-is-resonance.html
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When can resonance occur?

Resonance can occur when an object vibrates at another objects resonant frequency.

What are the causes for the resonance?

Resonance is actually the tendency of vibrating body to increase its amplitude when applied frequency becomes equal to its natural frequency. When we apply a frequency equal t

What is a resonator?

In acousitcs, a device used to increase resonance(like echo effects) of a soud and usually apparent volume there are both acoustic(on some guitars such as the Resophonic) and

What is the frequency at resonance?

For a series a.c. circuit, resonance occurs when the inductive reactance is equal to the capacitive reactance. You can work out the frequency at which this occurs by inserting

What is brand resonance?

Brand resonance refers to the nature of the ultimate relationship  and level of identification that the customer has with the brand.

How can resonance be useful?

Making music, notes are picked by the resonant frequencies of the strings or tubes of each instrument. Microwave ovens excite water molecules in your food at their resonant fr

What is resonance and what is resonant frequency?

The frequency at which the impedance of the circuit becomes zero is known as resonance frequency. Actually at resonance resistance only presence in the circuit. That means th

What are resonance structures?

A resonance structure is an alternate way of drawing a Lewis dot structure for a compound. For some molecules, there are multiple ways to draw a Lewis dot structure that still

What do you mean by resonance?

Resonance is when a system oscillates at a particular frequency with more amplitude more readily than others. Electrical resonance occurs when the impedance is at a minimum (f
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What is resonant converter?

They are combination of converter topologies or switching strategies that result in zero voltage and/or zero current switchings.

What is ample resonance?

Literally, 'ample resonance' means 'full or satisfactoryconnection.' In a literary or academic context, one may use thisphrase to speak of the 'full or satisfactory connection
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What is the resonance form?

resonance forms are individual lewis structure in cases where two or more lewis structure are equally good descriptions of a single molecule .