What is the difference between ANSI steel toe and ASTM steel toes?

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ANSI Z41 -> ASTM F2413 As of March 2005, ASTM F2413 standard superseded the ANSI Z41 standard. Manufacturers and distributors will implement a "running change" to their inventory from the ANSI Z41 labeled footwear. Because there is no change in the protocol, the ASTM F2413 standard does not require that the change from ANSI to ASTM labeled footwear occur in a specific time period.

The protective footwear you choose must comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard F2413-05, formerly the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) standard Z41-1999. The F2413-05 standard separates safety footwear into different categories such as Impact and Compression Resistance.

ASTM F2413-05 - The letters F2413 reference the performance requirement for foot protection. The additional digits following the standard designation indicate the year of the standard to which the protective footwear complies, for example: 05 refers to 2005.
M = Footwear designed for a male.
F = Footwear designed for a female.
I/75 = Impact rating of 75 (foot pounds)
C/75 = Compression rating of 75 (2500 lbs. of pressure)

The ASTM F2413 standard has two classifications for compression ratings 75 = 2,500 lbs and 50 = 1,750 lbs. This means the footwear has been tested to withstand compressive loads up to the designated number of pounds before the toe-cap will start to crush or crack.
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Both are the same. The right terminology is "Safety boots, safety shoes or safety footwear". It doesn't matter what the toe cap is made of, as long as it meets the specificati
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