What is the difference between proposition and predicate?

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A proposition is a statement that is either true or false (its "truth value"). Example of a proposition: Belgium is a country in Europe. A predicate is a proposition whose truth depends on the value of one or more variables. Example of a predicate: x is a country in Europe. In this example, x is the variable, and the statement is true or false depending on what is chosen for x. For x=Belgium, the statement is true; for x=Egypt, it's false.

A predicate with one variable can be seen as a property, that is true or false of something, where the something is left open. A predicate with two (or more) variables can be seen as a relation between things, where the things are left open.
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What is a predicate?

The predicate is the part of the sentences that is not the subjectand its modifiers. A predicate is the verb and the words thatfollow the verb that are related to that verb. A sentence can haveone or more predicates. A predicate may be just a verb. The simple predicate is the verb or verb phras (MORE)

What is a predication?

Answer . it is a connection between the subject and the predicate which form a predicative line.

What is the difference between a 'subject' and a 'predicate'?

A subject is the part of a sentence that mentions who or what . For example, in the sentence: "I did that," "I" is the subject. . A predicate describes what the subject did or is . In "I did that," "that" is the predicate. . However, sometimes the subject is unclear. For example, in t (MORE)

What is a proposition?

A point of view worded as a statement expressing an opinion that can be defended for or against ........................................................................................................................................ it means: . A plan suggested for acceptance; a proposal. . A (MORE)

What is the complete predicate in the sentence our friendship has lasted a long time despite our differences?

the predicate is has lasted a long time despite our differences it is this because "Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate . The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is about, while the predicate tells something about the subject. In the following sentences, th (MORE)

What is proposition 56?

Proposition 56, also known as the Budget Accountability Act, was aCalifornia proposition ballot that failed to pass, March 2, 2004.The proposition intended to penalize state elected officials foreveryday that the state budget was overdue.

What is the difference between predicate and propositional logic?

in propositional logic a complete sentence can be presented as an atomic proposition. and complex sentences can be created using AND, OR, and other operators.....these propositions has only true of false values and we can use truth tables to define them... like book is on the table....this is a si (MORE)

What is the difference between a predicate and a verb?

A verb is the action word or the being word in a sentence. Averb is a simple predicate. A predicate is the verb and all of the words that followthat are related to that verb. A sentence may have two or more predicates. Examples: . Who has the tickets ? (simple predicate 'has',complete pred (MORE)

What is propositional thought?

Propositional thought is when you use abstract logic when you do not have concrete examples. For example it allows you to understand that if a premise is true, then a conclusion will be true. Like all men are are mortal. Premise Socrates is a man. Premise Therefore, Socrates is mortal. Conclu (MORE)

What is the differences between an adjective and predicate?

The predicate is what is said about the subject. e.g. In "Joanne went to the shopping mall ." ... 'went to the shopping mall' is the predicate. An adjective descibes a noun or pronoun. "Joanne bought some red roses." ... 'red' is an adjective.

What is a proposition in French?

Some French prepositions include à, de, sur, meaning "at", "of", and "on", respectively. These words reflect relationships between nouns, including spatial(location) relationships and temporal(time). Le chat dort sur le lit. The cat sleeps on the bed. The preposition sur in French and (MORE)

What is the difference between a predicate nominative and an appositive?

A predicate nominative is a noun that follows a linking verb. Example: Susan is a nurse . ( nurse is the predicate nominative following the linking verb is ) An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun in a sentence. It is usually placed right beside the noun it renames and (MORE)

What are the rules in the agreement between the subject and predicate?

Subject of a Sentence . The subject is a unit of syntax that functions as one of the two primary parts of a basic sentence. It is the person or thing that the sentence is talking about. It is most commonly a noun or noun phrase ("The boy ran"'; "The group of children played"), but it can also be (MORE)

What is Proposition in Logic?

Proposition in logic refers to the statements that are either trueor false, but not both. Such kind of statements or sentences areusually called propositions.

How do propositions and hypotheses differ?

Proposition is a broad statement drawn from a theory, whereas a hypothesis takes this one step further and formulates a more specific statement that is empirically testable. Proposition states a relationship between two concepts, and a hypothesis operationalizes this relationship and puts it in an e (MORE)

What is a scientific proposition?

a proposition in science is usually called a hypothesis. If a hypothesis has been tested many times and shows consistent results that support the hypothesis, it can become a scientific theory.

What is the difference between a proposal and a proposition?

The words proposal and proposition can frequently be used synonymously. But the word proposition has some meanings that proposal does not have. So, they are not synonyms all the time. Sometimes the difference is connected with what kind of suggestion has been made. sometimes can mean the same thing (MORE)

What are the examples of propositional and predicate logic?

all, none, some, or not all of something is what your going to deal with mostly. the hardest thing for me is translation into PD (predicate logic). upside down capital A "∀" means for everything in the universe of discourse you are tramslating. example : all Greeks are human (∀ (MORE)

What is the Difference between hypothesis and proposition?

A proposition is a logically sound assertion that makes a connection/s between concepts. Propositions cannot be tested for validity; a hypothesis is a logical assertion, that can, but has not yet been tested. Propositions are the framework upon which hypothesis are made. Propositions also, because o (MORE)

What is the difference between a subject pronoun and a predicate pronoun?

A Subject Pronoun is used as the subject of a sentence or as apredicate pronoun after a linking verb. The football program was a great success. It gotus to the state championship. A Predicate is the part of a sentence that asserts or denies from the subject of the sentence: Henry and Joon are go (MORE)

What is the differences between the simple predicate and a complete predicate?

Predicates: Complete predicates are all words other than the subject and its modifiers. Simple predicates are only the verb with helping word (i.e. has, have, had, was, is, etc.) If there are any. Simple predicates are the part of the predicate that includes only the verb(s). The dog stole and burie (MORE)

Is loudly a proposition?

No it's an adverb. A preposition is a word which shows the relationship between objects in a sentence. For example the 'on' in the sentence 'the glass is on the table'. 'On' is the preposition that tells us what the glass is doing in relation to the table.

What the difference between sentence and proposition?

the difference between a sentence and a proposition is a sentence is a thought like for ex. " I like cotten candy." that's a sentence. a proposition can mean 2 different things it can eather be some one asking someone else to marry them or it can be a suggestion for ex. " i propose that we re-think (MORE)

What is the difference between a predicate adjective and an adjective?

Both predicate adjective and an adjective are adjectives, just used in different context and places within a sentence. A predicate adjective (PA) is an adjective that describes a quality of the subject, but it is separated from the subject by a linking verb (is, am, are, was were). Thus, it is in th (MORE)

What is a proposition of policy?

A proposition of policy advocates a course of action. It asks an audience to endorse a policy or to commit themselves to a particular action. For more information visit http://changingminds.org/disciplines/argument/making_argument/proposition.htm

How do you tell the difference between a predicate and a verb?

A predicate is the part of the sentence that describes the action, whereas the subject is the part of the sentence that describes who is doing the action. The predicate may just be a verb, but it can also involve adverbs, conjunctions, helping verbs, and so forth, all of which help to describe the a (MORE)

What is the difference between the simple subject and predicate and the complete subject and predicate?

The complete subject is the noun or pronoun andincludes all of the words in the subject, for example (completesubject in bold): My favorite recipe for sugar cookies is my mother's. The simple subject is just the noun or pronounthat serves as the subject, for example (simple subject in bold): M (MORE)

What is the difference between object of the preposition and predicate nominative?

An object of the preposition is a noun that ends the prepositional phrase as in the following sentence: She looked at the nurse. The prepositional phrase is "at the nurse." The preposition is "at" and the objective if the preposition is "nurse." A predicate nominative follows a linking verb and rena (MORE)

What is a priori proposition?

A priori means what comes before. Before what? It is before experience. Some truths are self evident and don't need proof or evidence. For example the American Declaration of Independence states that ' All humans are created equal.. Every man has the inalienable right to free will, persuite of happi (MORE)

What is the difference between a subject complement and a predicate?

A subject complement follows a linking verb andmodifies or refers to the subject. A subject complement can be anoun or an adjective. A predicate is the partof a sentence that is not the subject and its modifiers. Apredicate is the verb and the words that follow that relate to thatverb. A predic (MORE)

What is the difference of the subject and the predicate?

The predicate is the subject of the subjunctive. If there is no clause the the predicate cannot be closed. If the difference of the products if greater than 14, then the subject is the predicate. Hitherto, if the sum of the difference is less than 1, then the product is productive. If not, then the (MORE)

What is predicate?

The predicate is the part of the sentences that is not the subjectand its modifiers. A predicate is the verb and thewords that follow the verb that are related to that verb. Asentence can have one or more predicates. A predicate may be just averb. Examples of predicates in bold: Mary is driving (MORE)