What is the dollar limit the court allowsthe deditor to file a wage garnishment?

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if you are asking about the limit a creditor can put on a garnishment, it is a percentage, depending on the state you live in, not the state the creditor is in po rnhub.com FU CKKK YAA
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Are you required to appear in court before your wages can be garnished?

Answer . \nNo, the defendant (debtor) does not have to appear at the date of the hearing.\n. \nA non appearance usually results in a default judgment being entered agains

What states can garnish wages without a court order?

Unless you are referring to tax obligations or child support payments owed to the state, or overpayments of salaries or benefits paid by the state, they can't. Only courts (wi

If you have a court ordered tax refund garnishment from Michigan and you now reside in New York For 4 years can they take the refund Also can the garnish the wages of the spouse if they file jointly?

Yes. they can, but you should file jointly and so they don't garnish the spouses part, file injured spouse, and I do not know why it is called that but I know my husband ow

Can you file bankruptcy on wage garnishments?

Basically, bankruptcy uses all your assets to pay all your debts. Under the protection of the BK, you may be able to not have the garnishment taken, but that is only becaus

Can a US court garnish a Canadian wage?

Canada has recipical agreements with certain states in the USA concerning Child Maintainence Enforcement. The world is shrinking for deadbeat dads. I do not think that Canada

Can wages be garnished if child support not filed?

No - there must be an order for support entered by a court or the State's child support agency, but if a retroactive order is issued, your wages will be garnished. There has b

Can the court garnish your wages for a spouse's court fines in Iowa?

Apparently so. I got my check yesterday and discovered $200 wasgarnished from Benton County for non-payment of fines from 1997, 16years ago. I was never given a chance to cont
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Can wages be garnished after filing bankruptcy?

No!! except in cases of I believe child support, or money owed to the I.R.S. and stuff. But your average VISA, MASTERCARD, or J.C. PENNY charge account ? No they can't garnish
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How do you get garnished wages back from employer after you file bankruptcy?

It's not going to happen. You owed money and that creditor went to court to get your employer to deduct what you owed them from your paycheck and send it to them. Your employe