What is the drunk driving limit?

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The maximum BAC (blood-alcohol content) you are legally allowed to have before being considered illegal is 0.08% in the US. In the UK the limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath.
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How drunk is too drunk to drive?

Any drunk is too drunk to drive. Even at less than twice the legal limit (almost drunk) even if you're too tired... DO ... NOT.... ATTEMPT... TO.... DRIVE....!!! Even after t

What is the legal drunk driving limit?

depends on the state. I believe that all states are either 0.1 or 0.08 Nope, wrong! New Mexico=0.8 and in other states it's 0.10, that's why iTook health :]

Why does driving when your drunk effect your driving?

Alcohol, as you probably know, can affect your sense of balance, coordination, vision, and can reduce your inhibitions; all of which are involved in driving and may lead to tr

Why does driving when your drunk affect your driving?

Driving drunk affects your driving several ways. First of all, your thought processes and reflexes are slowed down, so you are not able to react to the road or anything else a

What can drunk driving do?

drunk drivin can kill. never drink and drive,if ur drunk and u and ur friends didnt set up a designated driver don't get in the car and drive and don't let anyone else whos im
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When did drunk driving start?

Immediately after you finished your last drink and turned on the ignition in your car and began driving.
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Why shouldn't the drunk driving limit be zero?

Think about it for a minute. If your blood alcohol is zero, you are not drunk. You have not likely had a drink. That would be the vast majority of drivers on the road. Logist
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What is the difference of felony drunk driving and misdemeanor drunk driving?

Misdemeanor drunk driving is when you are stopped by the police for erratic driving and it is obvious to the police that you have been drinking, and it is your first drunk dri