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What is the importance of generosity?

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You've lived in the United States most of your life. Why did you decide to set the Sano Ichiro series in 17th century Japan?

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What rhymes with generosity?

Curiosity   4 syllables:   atrocity, ferocity, monstrosity, velocity, viscosity    5 syllables:   animosity, curiosity    6 syllables:   escape v
Is generosity a noun?

Is generosity a noun?

Yes, generosity is a noun, a common, singular, abstract noun.

What is the value of generosity?

  The value of generosity is immeasurable and/or not a constant value. Sometimes generosity is unnoticed, sometimes it is rewarded, sometimes it is noted and returned in f

What animal represents generosity?

According to Native American traditions, the wolf is the animal  that represents generosity. The turkey is also thought to be a  symbol of generosity.
What are the examples for generosity?

What are the examples for generosity?

Being unselfish so, helping those less fortunate. However, generosity must be done out of the pure good will. For example, you donate to a certain charity not because you may
What is the difference between kindness and generosity?

What is the difference between kindness and generosity?

Kindness involves being friendly, generous, and considerate.   Generosity involves giving more of something, such as money or  time, than is expected or necessary.

What is the concept of generosity?

Generosity is giving liberally. Some examples are: giving $100 to a  group that feeds the poor instead of $10.00, giving someone who has  no money and needs to pay their ele
Who is the saint of generosity?
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Who is the saint of generosity?

Saint Ignatius
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What does the Torah say about generosity?

There are various laws throughout the Torah about how to help the poor. For example, everyone had to set aside 10% of their income to donate to the poor, and farmers had to le