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What animal symbolizes generosity?

A buffalo is an animal that is used to represent generosity.  Generosity may also be represented by a pig or sow.

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What rhymes with generosity?

Curiosity   4 syllables:   atrocity, ferocity, monstrosity, velocity, viscosity    5 syllables:   animosity, curiosity    6 syllables:   escape velocity,… (MORE)

What animal represents generosity?

According to Native American traditions, the wolf is the animal  that represents generosity. The turkey is also thought to be a  symbol of generosity.

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How do you say generosity in Latin?

Despite what people may think, "Bich" was only used as an aid by Mr. Mackey on South Park to get eight year old kids to stop swearing. It is not found in the Latin language.Bu… (MORE)

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Why is generosity important in a friend?

Generosity is important to a friend because generosity is what gets you friends and keeps you friends plus its a nice gift.

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Is generosity learned or natural?

generosity is learned because if it were natural, everyone would be generous to other people

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