What is the largest app in the Apple app store?

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I Think it is a Tom Tom Sat Nav
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Can apple gift cards be used for the apple store app?

Apple gift cards are more widely accepted at green grocers, to purchase apples and bananas. When spent at selected stores noted on the apple site, the face value is increased

Is there an app store on the apple MacBook regular?

If you have 10.6 or higher installed on the computer then the Mac App store application is installed on your computer already. It's for ANY Mac that can run an Apple supp

About liquid calories app from Apple Store?

There is an app in the apple store that helps those who want to keep track of their liquid calories. It works by keeping check on your liquid calories and is not only useful f
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Is there a device not made by apple that has an app store?

An 'App store" is just an online store you can buy applications. The 'Apple app store' has apps exclusively for apple products. The 'Android app store' has apps exclusively f
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Can you buy iPad apps but not at the apple store?

It's possible to do so... but then you will need to jailbreak your iPad. For maximum security, you'd better use apps from the AppStore (Apple store ?) Raf